Christmas Wishes.

Hey all. Just wanted to send out a quick message to all my friends, associates, and even random strangers from around the world who have happened to come across this blog a very festive and happy Christmas period!
The snow is pretty bad here in London, and it is abundantly chilly to the point of almost reaching an obsequious submission towards it. But the people I see and speak to are resolute and looking forward to the usual festivities with their families and loved ones. Old man winter cannot stop young gun Christmas Turkey!  And please do not forget the Brussel Sprouts and, if you care to do so, watching the Queens Speech - even though I have never seen one of them myself. But it's all good.
Christmas is a time in which I wished they still made brand new episodes of Only Fools And Horses, and I have finally succumbed to the grim reality that Barnet are no longer in the title picture. I feel upbeat for my life and the New Year that lies just around a corner or two. I have learned to embrace positivity, and avoid the negatives, and to simply prey for all those mean spirited Scrooges who wish for the Grinch to steal all their lovely Christmas presents. People around me seem excited, the kids love it as they should, and the snowmen may even experience a Christmas this year- but I hope they are gone come Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas.


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