The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It's funny how a smile and a simple friendly conversation can upwardly swing your day around, almost as much as a fraction of time spent around a miserable barstad can bring us down too. I was studying the Christmas shoppers today whilst in Harrow, and while some seemed jolly and upbeat for the days ahead, others looked like images of bulldogs chewing more wasps than a beekeeper would know what to do with. I purchased a Christmas present and, as many lazy and irresponsible shoppers such as myself do, ventured to the present wrapping donation tables in the St George's Center (Or is it St Ann's? - I have been in both hundreds of times, yet still can't remember which is which). Anyway, before I payed out the mandatory pound coin, I was shocked at a dude who handed the personal wrapper a handful of folded twenty pound notes, must have been about 120 quids worth, at least. The wrapper took it, then coyly pocketed the cash. The cynic in me suggested he would keep it for himself, and as much as I wouldn't like to admit it, I definitely would have donated it to myself - even though it is highly amoral and principally wrong, I would rather be honest than bullshit about how I would give every penny to the right cause. This doesn't make me a truly great person, but I never said I was. Though I would have dropped a tenner into the Native American pan pipers, I love those fellas. So the dude wrapped my gift and I was off. An old Japanese woman gave me a flyer about some cult type religious group, and asked if I wanted to come along, but I declined and told her I thought that God is alright, but a bit of a barstad, then wished her well. I bumped into Danielle from the gym and had a quick chat as you do, who told me her viewpoint on Christmas being alright, but a load of bullshit really... I sort-of agreed. Though I am nicking her term of people who get into your business as being 'Space-Invaders', like the old game. That made me laugh. I had a chat with a three-year-old with her Auntie in Starbucks, who was excited about seeing JLS this evening. She declined to take up my offer of my sandwich for the ticket, before telling me how much she hated Iggle Piggle, and that her favorite member of JLS was a dude whose name escapes me. Anton? Angus? The one all the girls like, which can't be too bad for the fella, I guess. A lot of other usual stuff happened as it always does. I enjoy the social aspect of life so much. We are social animals, and human communication is such a wonderful tool, when used positively. I just hope the majority of mums and dads make it through this time in one piece, and that the kids go to bed tomorrow eve full of pure excitement about the day ahead.

The day was not a nightmare at all, it was quite fun. But I cannot think of a better heading.

Seasons Greetings.


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