Wembley and Other Shit.

I am writing this blog in the reception area of a Fitness First gym in Wembley, as I wait for Marissa to finish changing and getting ready for the rest of the day ahead. She always takes longer than myself, as a woman should do, but in reality she could wash, change and be ready in five minutes, and still look as beautiful to me as she would if she took all day long - not that she would ever need to, that is. This gym is pretty good and we just finished training. There is no mixed steam room though, and I wonder if they realize that the 1930's ended a long long time ago, but I will let you do the math. Wembley is an absolute dump of an area. It is quite ironic to think that one of the most celebrated football stadia on this planet, is situated in a large melting pot or an area, or maybe a better analagy is that of a large toilet bowl... soemone should flush the chain. The people are, as in most poor areas, nice enough. They are simply trying to eat, sleep, breath, stay warm and survive. You wouldn't understand if you have never been there, I guess.
I feel sorry for the rioting students of the past few weeks. They have been taught in a very harsh way, the grim, fucked up reality of human existance, or more to the point, those who desire an excessive level of power, and the depths they will go to to win the apporval of the masses - until the vote is cast, after that they really couldn't give a rats arse. Sorry, students, you may think you get it, I did at that age, but you only really learn through all the major arse kickings this life hands you... don't worry. We all tell white lies... even Plan B - whatever his real name is. I don't imagine his parents named him Plan, but you never know.
It was funny how the media attempted to turn public opinion against the young, by showing a scared Camilla and Charlie, as if to suggest these frustrated and bullshitted to kids are in fact unpatriotic, twisted anarchists... not that I have any issue with anarchists - hell at least they believe in something.
I better run, my woman is going to be here in a second, and I am wondering if David Cameron and Nick Clegg sleep in the same double bed.
Paolo Nutini has started to play over the stereo at the gym... shit that guy is talented.

Lee Gunnell.

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