The Rolling Dog Project.

"Jerry West"
Writing about the ongoing plight of animals rescued from puppy mill hell, neglectful home environments, or the harsh realities of life as a stray, I find myself coming across a host of web-pages relative to these stories. With few exception, the majority exist to aid their cause; raising awareness, re-homing, and in general, conditioning those unaware how a dog who cannot walk properly, hear so well - or any of the mixture of ailments they suffer from, remains as capable of living and loving with every beat of their heart, as much as any of the more 'socially acceptable' members of their breed. 
As my knowledge toward this community grows - and expecting to reach a limit in the sheer awe-inspiring nature of giving, I find there are in fact, no boundaries to how decent people can be. Yesterday, I came across a cause as noble as the man who makes these miracles, is understated about creating them. Of all animal stories discovered on the web, this is perhaps one of its most remarkable; for all the right reasons…

Jerry West comes from Fort Worth, in the State of Texas; a proud and independent minded slice of America. Two years after one of his dogs suffered debilitating paralyses through cancer, Jerry - using PVC tubing, straps, wheels, and his own skills of construction, built a mobility cart in order for them to continue walking. Realising the remarkable nature of its success, and like all selfless human beings, Jerry put his skills to wider use; building more carts, and helping other animals with disabled dogs in the family, unable to build or afford to buy them - also saving many from euthanasia. Over the past three years, Jerry has developed carts for all kinds of dogs up to 110 pounds in weight, across North America; giving mobility to an animal which defines walking, as one of their favourite pastimes.

While building carts for disabled dogs is impressive by itself, the truly remarkable part is how Jerry receives zero financial revenue in doing so; making his work a 100% act of a man offering two of the most valuable gifts in humanity; his time, and kindness, purely to help one of our planets most defenceless creatures. Every last cart built is given away for free, and the only accepted donations are for gift vouchers from stores in which he purchases parts. In a world where few outlets help either the poor or the disabled, Jerry aids both. And like all genuine acts of altruism, is defined by his actions; not an ego boosting slap on the back.

"Peanut - happy and mobile"
The Rolling Dog Project is one of those stories unlikely to hit the evening news; shy of a light-hearted relief skit, in-between an hour of advertising and negative manipulation stories, designed to keep us fearing one another. However, the simple account of one solitary individual giving time and effort, to aid these wonderful animals, is the kind of story deserving in exposure; honest, humble, and pure of intent - a message to remind humanity, that humanity is still alive and well in our fellow man.

Jerry West is an absolute saint, and I write this article to promote him and his work; in the hope more genuine PVC cart requests are sent his way. Support the Rolling Dog Rescue. Share this awe-inspiring story to others. Send donations for Jerry to build more carts. Spread the word as much as you can. This is a story about nothing but giving; and giving makes the world a much richer place. It may also help get more canines back on their feet again...

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  1. Wonderful article! My blind puppy mill rescue pug Rocky needs a cart, and right now I am financially unable to afford the 300-400 dollars most places are asking. How can I contact Jerry? God bless him.

  2. I knew about Jerry and his Rolling Dog Project prior to your article and thank you for giving this great guy his due.
    Don't recall how I found him - but think what he does is terrific! Thank you for making him the subject of an article. Kudos to you for that!

  3. Thank you for sharing what he does for families everywhere. We'd be much better off with more men like Jerry! I found him on FB over a year ago and he's still going strong!

  4. Hey, that's my Rottie girl Elena (Now Gina) in your top picture! She thinks Jerry is a hero too! He literally gave her life when everyone recommended death. Thank you Jerry.

  5. Writing the article was my pleasure. People like Jerry West deserve recognition for the amazing selfless work he does, and complete humility in doing so. People like him make our world a much richer place. :-)

  6. Please email me at have a 15 year old that (we think) suffers from hip dysplasia. I am VERY interested in a role cart for my baby. She is part german sheppard and part basset so basically she is a VERY LOW GROWING german Sh. I am not ready to give up on her and she is not ready to give up either. I would only hope that God would not take me or have someone put me to sleep just because I have hard time walking.

  7. The facebook page is no longer available - any idea on how to reach him please???