Foster Mama.

"Max - cosy and warm"
Blame Max. The story you are about to read, is all his fault… 

In 2008, California resident and animal lover Sabrina Wilkerson - searching for a dog friend to accompany her cat, Bella, paid a visit to an adoption event run through the The Chihuahua rescue of San Diego; a non-profit, no-kill organisation set up to save, shelter and eventually re-home these loveable yet abandoned creatures.  

Knowing they were made for one another, rescue Chihuahua Max (pictured); who had suffered the indignant horror of abandonment by his former family - once they had produced a baby, pulled her energies towards his excitable direction. As is easy to do with animals, Sabrina instantly fell in love, and left that day with a new addition to the Wilkerson family; it turned out to be a match made in moggy, doggy, and human heaven. 

However, while thankful for life in a loving home, this wasn't enough for Max; whose caring nature understood many other Chihuahua buddies remained in the wilderness; suffering as he once had. Showing the Wilkersons the enormous capacity for love, these small bundles of furry energy are capable of giving, Max inspired Sabrina to not just adopt other Chihuahuas lost in the lonely struggle of rescue shelters, but to actively seek fresh new forever homes for them too. Realising the sheer joy derived from these kindest of acts, Sabrina knew she had to spread this feeling. And from this idea, Foster Mamas was born...

The aim of Foster Mamas is to adopt and care for Chihuahuas on a personal level, while promoting the plight of rescue animals across the globe till they find forever homes; from Chihuahua to Chinchilla, and all in-between. Sharing experience in order to raise deeper awareness to the realities of this world, Sabrina; who runs Foster Mamas as a one woman mission of empathy, helps prove the perception of these creatures as uncontrollable, to be a ludicrous myth; needing merely a little love, in order to bring out their true beautiful souls. It takes much effort and dedication, but she achieves these goals with a sophisticated, empathetic dignity. If you wish to see for yourself, I highly recommend visiting and liking Foster Mamas official Facebook page; an ever-growing foster community currently over 28,000 members strong. A page which in December 2013, celebrated it's first full year anniversary.

"Cleo and Max - best of buddies"
As Chihuahuas enter the household - part cautious, part curious, they eventually leave happy, loved, and ready to start a new life with a fresh, loving family; fully committed to the responsibility of this little life. It is hard to let them go - as Chihuahuas rest easy on the hearts of the kind, but the Wilkerson family do not foster to serve egos, they foster to save lives. However I must note how Max - wanting a female partner in crime, decided foster Chihuahua number 17; commonly known as Cleo; a loveable former stray with the most rotten of beginnings, allowed his forever home to become hers too. Bella the cat now has to contend with a Chihuahua tag-team - but after all the rescues she has seen, she doesn't mind too much.

Foster Mamas is a glowing hub for those eager to see rescue animals re-homed and happy; the caring, heart-filled middle Earth between the pain of shelters, and the pleasure of loving families. Support Sabrina's cause with a T-shirt and fridge magnet, like the official Facebook page, share this article, and spread the word about this humble of animal life saver; she is an inspiration to us all.

And blame Max. The story you just read, was all his fault; but I think he knew this all along...

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