The Mia Foundation.

"Mia - proud of her bottom"
Following on from my previous article regarding the admirable work of the Furry Friends Animal Rescue centre - based here in the United Kingdom. It is only fair to promote a similar pure hearted group from a nation which rarely receives due credit; in relation to the love and compassion they have for domesticated animals with disabilities. I refer to the United States of America, and in this instance, a centre based in Rochester, New York – known as the Mia Foundation.

Essentially, The Mia Foundation began a little over three years ago, after the summertime birth of Mia (pictured), a beautiful little Chihuahua suggested for euthanasia; due to her birth defect of a cleft palette. Her mummy felt otherwise, and even though it was suggested caring for Mia would come with all kinds of responsibility, the love of her guardian was too strong, and Mia found her loving forever home here on Earth. 

Mia carried many health issues; even needing tube feeding five times daily. But her spirit illuminated, and – like most dogs, lived life with every ounce of passion her beating heart allowed. Her photogenic face, warm personality, and general giver of all things positive drew people to her, and she made everybody she met smile as she always did. Sadly, Mia passed away during the Easter of 2012; a couple of months shy of her 2nd birthday. For all her energy and vigour, the issues of her body were just too much to survive. However, in her lifetime, she was unconditionally loved. And it was Mia's love which helped her mummy realise, how special animals born with birth defects truly are.

Over the past few years, the Mia Foundation has existed to help aid sick and poorly animals carrying all kind of defects. From re-homing, funding surgery, to all forms of care and attention, they have extended the lives of many saved creatures, who would never have had a chance at life and love otherwise. It doesn’t matter how sick they are, the Foundation does whatever it takes, to allow these wonderful gifts of nature, as much care and love as they can give.

"One of their many beauties!"
It is heartbreaking to see the suffering, but also incredibly fulfilling to read the consistent success stories updated in their Facebook page; which, if you are an animal lover - and I assume you are, I suggest you 'like'. Their army of over 20,000 followers are as much a part of the Foundation as the organisers; proving that, when shared, love is doubled each time. To know this all started with a pure-hearted Chihuahua who - while her time here was short, the love she gave will last a long time in the memories of many, shows the true reality of the power within an animals heart…

There are of course millions of animal lovers, across all nations, from all walks of life on Earth. Animals are not bothered about the political group you support, colour of the skin you live in, size of your waist and wallet, and especially how able bodied you are. All that matters to them is the love in your heart, and goodness in your soul. This is a similar trait found in all animal lovers; maybe it is the purity of souls like Mia, which teach us these values - or at the very least, allow them to develop.  

Support the Mia Foundation if possible; whether through fostering, helping to deliver an animal to a new home, or simply funding the causes they champion with such verve.They are run on nothing more than love and donations, and would appreciate all the help offered. The poor little creatures they save have so much love to give, and in my view, deserve every chance at a rich and full life; we are lucky to have foundations like Mia in this world, and to have had miracles like Mia, too.

Offical Facebook Page: Love For Mia - Cleft Palate Chihuahua 

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  1. We just lost our male Chihuahua at the age of about 20 years old Today We rescued another little male Chihuahua his name is gizmo he's about 6 months old.

  2. Hi. Commiserations on your loss, but my congratulations on the rescue of little Gizmo - which I have to say is a wonderful name for a baby Chihuahua! :-) Not only have you saved a life, but also created one too... and I salute you for this.

  3. Please support The Mia Foundation!! Thank you Sue Rogers, for everything you do. I love you my friend <3 Mia Smiles <3