The Individual Spirit.

The human race live simultaneously, in two separate worlds... 

World one, is where the few convince the many to be a form of unquestionable reality. Media outlets, politicians, religious leaders, government officials, and all elements of those in power who manipulate the perceptions of what most people consider truth, rule this land with iron-fisted ferocity. This a world where insidious bullshit has reigned supreme for the last ten-thousand years; where black people were inferior to their white counterparts, women carried no right to personal opinions, and non-believers to the Catholic religion, were going to spend an eternal afterlife, trapped in hell. As a mere few of the myriad of examples, they all served to keep its inhabitants drugged up on a diet of fearing one another, whilst believing their paths created stronger personal growth - therefore attaining greater replication value, relative to one another.

Some of these beliefs change through the needs of a greater good. Others, never do. In the 21st century, this world believes the poor are amoral anarchists threatening all walks of freedom, who God forbids to reach higher than the diet of television and ignorance handed to them. Individual thought is a form of neurotic mental illness, manifesting in people who are a daily threat to our lives, to be avoided at all costs. And internal validation, only arrives through external conventional means; work, family, blindly accepting the rules, etc - all achieved along passive avenues. The rules of this world, are in effect... complete bollocks.

World two, is the space which exists within the constructs of your own mind. This is a place where black and white is just a colour - aware no other animal remains dumb enough to use skin tone as an excuse of separation, as much as a land where human beings are defined by the size of their spirit, and not their house. It is where you listen to music nobody else like, read books which make no sense to anyone but yourself, and have all kinds of crazy and silly thoughts; ranging from the sexual, to the sarcastic. Here you desire to live in the wild, and resent the absurd shit of world one, barraged into your head on a daily basis.

This is also a world nobody can taint or design beside yourself; you paint the rules, construct the laws, and are the sole arbiter of its moral infrastructure. It is sometimes brutal, raw, and ruthless, and may force you through all forms of dark and dangerous alleyways - mostly from its interaction with world one. But it is your world, and inside it's very private walls, anything is possible... anything. In essence, it is self-employment of the psyche - the hours are brutal, it is constantly misunderstood, and often a very lonely place. The pay-off, however - once you reach it, is a life many will only ever dream of.

Somewhere along the corridors of time, nature will force a concious choice upon you; do you choose world one, and readily accept reality in terms of mass percentages; spending your days seeking acceptance, through the agonising eradication of the real, genuine you? In order to feel a false form of validation by those who play the same game, for the exact reasons you do? Knowing, yet denying, how this suppression will slowly eat you alive as you become yet another actor in a play, where the lines are 100% ad-libbed, and no-one cares to watch on?

Or do you choose world two, and look at the life before you square in the face with the burning passion of two determined eyes, blazing a ubiquitous fire of human emotion. Peering forth to convey a message saying "You know what, world one... fuck you! I am going to view this game in my own way, on my own time, in the way I believe it is meant to be done. My heart will always be in the right place, and my rules never hurt anyone, and they all make sense to me - and a lot of yours are shit anyway. So here's a raised fat middle finger, a joker-esque smile to let you know I will drift in and out of your little world to suit myself, and a firm nod to the essence who controls the Earth, knowing they approve of my decision to be true to me, and only me!" Ask yourself in all honesty, which world sounds more appealing?

Conformist followers exist in world one, and reap it's hollow rewards. And yet, the majority are miserable, and travelling along a black hole, which leads to an abyss. The individual spirit lives in world two, and is free in a way the habitants of world one could only imagine - but don't have enough courage to face the potential risks, which arise from doing so. 

To all those in number two, I love you very much. To the rest - still in in world one... I ask you to give this side a try - even if just for a moment; it is so much more fun. You know you want to...


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