Read My Mind.

The human mind is a fortress of personal privacy. Within its impenetrable confines, we are able to create and consider all forms of limitless potential ideas; a power unparalleled beyond this organ of simple complexities. In the world of thought, there are no suppressive social boundaries to limit us, and a total lack of pressure to twist the designs with which we retain inside. In our minds we are free; somewhat ironic, when it is only in the external physical world - where man regularly constructs cells of confinement, that we naively search for most forms of freedom.

Many of these walls - such as moral laws of avoiding harm to others, or ethical notions based around the structure of live and let live, I completely agree with. The rest – the religion we follow, the cultures we cling to, the inanimate shit we embrace, and even the associates we are told remain acceptable, are really a load of bollocks. Think about it, what exactly gives another human being any right to tell another living soul – born in exactly the same manner, which path of life to walk along? Besides the manipulated perception it is unacceptable to question anything decreed as ‘authority’.

A strange daily occurrence happens between me and my girlfriend. One of us will construct a rapid, silent thought; ranging from the timing of a cup of Tea, to the next step in our respective careers. Within a flash, the other openly suggests the idea – as if the thought was their own. This event is - on every instance, unconscious; any attempt to read each other’s minds with frontal lobe consideration, resulting in one-hundred percent failure; the taste of Um-Bungo juice drinks, Bungle from Rainbow still being a virgin, how many homosexuals it takes to complete a full bumming circle – my guesses fly way off the mark, even if they do expose my slightly warped sense of humour.

Telepathy is the art of deciphering the thoughts of another - without the direct aid of language or signals. It is a theoretical concept, and belongs to the annals of science fiction; a gift commonplace amongst the superhero elite. I don’t personally believe my partner and I experience telepathic evolution, as opposed to knowing each other so well, our thought patterns merge from these energies. But I do believe it a possibility of future humanity, where we shall attain the ability to read the minds of each other. And this thought (if you excuse the pun), is kind of scary to me. 

Imaging sitting on a busy train, a packed Starbucks, place of work, running a charity race - any vicinity where two or more strangers converge; every thought you create readable by everyone else. While it opens up truths of human nature, it also eradicates every element of the fun in guessing, and render us too skilled for a need to evolve. On top of this, there would also be the invasion of subliminal advertising, a mass growth in the planting of influential seeds of thought, and a whole host of abusing a fresh systematic mode of living; in essence, the human race would lose its last one true bastion of freedom. On the flip-side, sexual intercourse becomes a zillion times greater than it already is, and we potential could easily be separated in a heartbeat; but again, where is the fun in knowing all the answers, when the journey lies within the questions?

The human mind is a fortress of personal privacy, and I hope it stays this way. Truth is, they are all riddled with doubts, fears, and insecurities which make us the bare souls we all are, as much as the wonder, wisdoms, and beautifully original ideas so many allow to remain stifled by the ‘rules’ of the world they live in. It is where we all live – even if we don’t realise it, and is the only true place on Earth we can call our own - if we allow ourselves this God given right. Personally, I wouldn't want to read your mind; I just want to be given a few pieces here and there - then try to figure out the rest...


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