Our Human Labyrinth.

Our Human Labyrinth is a 93,000 word non-fiction book, about the history of human social communication, expressed through personal study of evolutionary systems we have come to rely and trust upon, and how they have effected perception amongst both the ways in which we view the world, and one another. The work runs along a direct time-line of the progressive and determined human; from the land dwelling Homo-Sapiens of ancient Africa, all the way to the sedentary, microchip technology reliant generations of the early 21st century. Each separate chapter incorporating the major powerhouses of existence; money, religion, media, and family structures, as examples, and how these modes have changed the psychological and philosophical ethos of our species - through the convoluted, spiritually corruptive nature of the powers they both afford and design us around.

We are a social animal which desires communication; an ability once necessary in order to save our species from a similar annihilation which befell the Dinosaurs, the Wholly Mammoth, or any other creature which failed to develop a functional system of mutually beneficial interaction amongst themselves. However, it is over 60,000 years since man emigrated from the shores of Africa to colonize Earth. Since this period and - especially in the past 10,000 years, we have slowly constructed our own necessary yet constricted version of 'society' - a notion of truth determined by the powerful, through the manipulations of tools available to them.

Over the period of writing, as is usual with any creative work, the book took a deeper direction than I initially anticipated, and - the reason behind its title 'Our Human Labyrinth', comes from a viewpoint I take in which human evolution; while a vital component which leads us to experience the wonders of all we have available at our disposal, may not carry an essential premise beyond that which provides us regularity in adequate shelter, warmth, and sustenance in food and drink. Born from this notion - in essence, the Labyrinth is a two way maze - our own personal definition of internal reality, and the external world we live upon; our wants and desires of both basic, yet distorted by the nebulous wonders of ingenuity.

It is a story about the journey of a beautiful, incredible animal - capable of achievements superseding any other species on the planet, yet somewhat lost within itself in trying to find a concious purpose and meaning, which may never be fully understood outside of the human heart and soul. It is not a negative account of a sad and tragic existence; life is too rich and precious a gift to be considered a waste of time. It is a deconstruction of an animal living in a world where communication is paramount to the survival of our species, yet often misunderstood to enforce cynicism over trust, judgement over humility, and to make us forget how we only succeed in co-operation, as opposed to attempts at growth in solitude.

I hope people like it, and in some-way offers them a unique sight of nature. It runs pretty deep in places, but all makes sense come the final pages. In the end, no matter how any solitary soul views this life we walk upon, it is entirely up to them to decide why they are here, and the purpose of their life... which may be the actual point of the book after all.

I will let you all know when Our Human Labyrinth is hitting the shelves. And if anyone would like a personally signed copy, I will be happy to oblige; even if it does end up on Ebay. ;-)


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