Eventually Be Computers.

The internet is the second coming, and television was infiltrated by the devil…

Sounds pretty crazy, as an idea or perception, I know. But I was thinking about this idea I had constructed, a little, and in many ways, the more I consider it, the more it actually has potential.

So television was designed to educate; this is what it does. But for the early inventors, the education meant to infants and young children. Stuff like the alphabet, language, and so forth. Eventually, through the infiltration of capitalism and control, it became an educator of stupidity, ignorance, selfishness, and, even though there was entertainment – there was also capitulation.

Whether we agree with the concept or not, it is hard to argue our world has become dumber, lazier, and more eager to gratify and generally become a  poor excuse for genetic code. Was our world really designed to have us spend all day sitting down in our houses, watching the world pan out outside your window, inside a Television? Why view other people living, when you are alive as you do?

The Internet is the wild west of technology; and our world has possibly been given the greatest tool of communication, since the dawn of words. In no other time in human history, could the entire globe openly and freely express any idea, truth of opinion, and expression, with zero filter system whatsoever. Religion, money, fame, all taking the idea of life, and washing it down to suit a generally negative and soulless means – there was no real freedom of speech, just a distorted idea there was, as we became brainwashed by it all; perhaps the most dangerous of enemies… the silent one.

Online, anyone can say and do anything, at anytime… this is the true essence of freedom. Plus wasn’t Mister Christ supposed to be able to been seen by all, at one single moment? Where else could he do this, than on the information superhighway.  Of course, it doesn’t mean old JC is going to set up a Facebook account or start a series of Youtube videos (though the latter could in theory work as an idea), it means more the external system in relation to the internal world – which then moves back internally into humanity – a perfect circle, as such.

Now, it sounds out there. 200, 300, maybe even 500 years from now; who knows? Religion will as it always does, change. God will not, whatever God is. But the human definition, in my view… will eventually be computers.


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