Bocker; the Shaggy Superhero.

"The Shaggy Superhero"
In June 2014, I made the bold decision to run a half-marathon for charity; in the leafy suburban serenity of St Albans, here in England. While difficult to select a cause to raise funds for, I settled on aiming for £1000 towards the Animal Cancer Trust; a group which aids treatment and research towards both humanity's strongest love, and nature's deepest fear. 

Four weeks of perseverance in training and promotion later - and twelve hours before the race, the full amount had finally been reached; its majority through the kind souls who have slowly grown into fans of my work - and loved animals. Compassion had yet again prevailed, and I finished the 13.1 miles with a firm sense of pride in the human spirit - and very tired legs.

And yet at the beginning of this idea, I was apprehensive; my initial amount was planned as £500, and I felt uncertain enough people would donate to a charity - especially one so little known, in a world where it is impossible to champion so many deserving causes. However, all those fears were conquered in a flash moments after opening the charity page, when I saw the first donation of $20.00 - "Wishing me all the best... from Bocker and Marie!"...

For those unaware, Bocker is a Labradoodle from New York (pictured). Half movie star, half therapy dog, full humanitarian, my friendship with he and his family began with an article written earlier this year (link below), celebrating his life and altruistic works. I was taken aback by the sheer volume of his charity, humility, and dedication to provide a richer, happier way of living to anyone he touches; as much as the welcoming nature from a family who clearly nurtured a young pup, into a proud, quite remarkable shaggy adult. Much like all dogs of the world, he came across as a giver, and writing about him was a pleasure, an honour, and still one of my favourite articles I have written to date.

"A smart cookie too"
Last month, Bocker was diagnosed with lymphoma - a form of cancer which stems from the lymph glands. With chemotherapy the only option of saving his life, his family currently guide him through the early stages of treatment. Chemotherapy unfortunately, is expensive, and the givers now find themselves needing a similar form charity and goodwill in return. Which is why I write this article. 

I would like anyone reading this to show your support, and donate whatever form of finance you can to aid his treatment; the link is below. Beyond this, sharing his plight through the internet, sending messages of support, of simply wishing for his full recovery can only help. Cancer in humans is treacherous enough, yet for dogs it must be a confusing and difficult time. While they may remain unaware they are ill, the sensitivity of those who love them would be impossible to ignore; in an animal which lives so viscerally through its emotions.

Bocker is a truly amazing character, and still has plenty of doggie duties to take care off - in that thankless manner canines live their lives. The boy who has helped so many humans, is now in need of vital human help in return. It was his donation which made me realise I was working towards a greater cause, and would eventually be a success. I now hope the same can happen for him...

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