Bocker; the Remarkable Tale of a Famous Labradoodle.

"Bocker; playing academic"
Fame is a curious mistress. An odd form of unparalleled power, the life of a celebrity is generally considered the pinnacle of social status. Crazy as it sounds, a reality television star like a Kim Kardashian; who - for all her notoriety, offers little to the world beyond a large posterior and good make up, is deemed in higher regard than any political leader, scientist, or Einstein influenced thinker, the 21st century is likely to produce.

This isn’t a slight on Mrs Kanye West; her family have grasped and nurtured opportunities afforded to them as any savvy self-promoter would. My main concern in using them as a reference, comes in the idea that the power of fame also carries immense potential in global influence - both positive and negative; and the Kardashians are hardly beacons of light, in serving the greater good. But for every selfish act, a kind one waits around the corner. And I would like to recount a story which - in my view, reflects the ideal way to use fame - and all that comes with it. This is the story of Bocker; movie star, cover model, therapy tutor, peacemaker, humanitarian... and Labradoodle!

Bocker’s story begins in the summer of 2003. Born into the warmest retreats of Doodlesville, after seven weeks of early nurturing, the young pup found himself relocated to the bright lights of New York, where Marie Shelto introduced him to his new forever home, named him after the legendary Basketball team, the New York Knicks (as in, Knickerbockers), and came to realise he carried the eyes and awareness of a star in waiting. Encouraging a puppy eager to entertain, the early days were at times difficult, but always fun. After a few years of cold winters, training classes, doggy day care and grooming, Bocker – whose charismatic personality and adorable understanding head tilt naturally shone through, and under the care and supervision of his family, found himself modelling in television commercials and print ads. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren Polo, Barneys NY, Chase Bank, Citizen Bank, Target, Optimum Online, Getty Images, GQ Magazine, Avanti Greeting Cards and AT&T, were just a few of the many companies eager to work with the loveable, easy to direct fella; whose positive, solid reputation grew by the day.

Of course, with this evolution, it was impossible to contain Bocker as a promotional doodle. His notoriety led to film roles in Hollywood blockbusters Men in Black 3, War of the Worlds, and Eat Pray Love, as well as guest appearances on The View, and proudly representing his breed on Animal Planet’s DOG 101. This all took place alongside featured columns in places as far reaching as Sweden and Thailand, a personal theme song, a plush puppy in his likeness, and his own brand of ice-cream; Bocker’s Labradoodlicious Swirl. I should also mention in 2011, he released his very own pawtobiography ‘Chasing Bocker’s Tale’, which goes into much greater depths of his life; the link is at the bottom of this article.

"Co-starring in a short film, with Ryder Strong"
While success of this nature would shoot straight to any heart devoid of the inner strength in humility, for Bocker, his fame is little more than a catalyst to promote an endless stream of good causes, as well as work with those he cherishes dearly; children. Known as a tireless therapy dog to the sick and disadvantaged, and a tail wagging tutor; helping the young in improving their reading skills, Bocker is a genuine four legged marvel. I was hoping to compile a list of the people he has helped, causes he has championed, and honours bestowed upon him, but doing so would leave this article a never ending story of awe - such is the level of his altruism. Bocker has the heart which belongs to all dogs; that of the giver, and proves so on a daily basis.

And this is the fact that appeals to me more than any other, about a hairy fellow who carries such an immense level of fame. Instead of finding himself photographed on doggy benders awash in alcohol filled bowls and scraps with cats - or engaging in countless affairs and bone chewing addictions, Bocker uses his stature to promote causes bigger than his own celebrity; which I may add, many human stars also do, with a genuine silent dignity. Bocker encourages living souls to care and empathize with other living souls, and for this reason he is by no means a simple charismatic charmer, but a source of humble inspiration; there is an endless fountain  of love, inside one amazing doodle - making compassion appear so easy, because to him, it truly is.

Fame is a curious mistress. An odd form of unparalleled power, the life of a celebrity is generally considered the pinnacle of social status. For Bocker the Labradoodle, his fame is a means purely to aid others; as opposed to helping others purely to aid his fame. And if you remain unconvinced? Like his Facebook page, purchase his book, and see for yourself. While you are there, introduce yourself to one of the loveliest souls on our often fractured planet, and tell him I said hello. And if you can, feel free to offer Marie Shelto a token of thanks as well; for as I am sure you are aware, none of Bocker's incredible feats would have been possible, without her love and encouragement. Giving thankfully, tends to be infectious...

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