Nine Reasons to Love Dogs.

"Harry Pugger; Comedian"
Following on from my previous article "Nine Reasons to Love Cats" there have been mutterings throughout the kingdom of mutt; questioning why a lover of all things dog, has neglected to write a list in praise of their wonderful qualities. Not wishing to upset German Shepherds, Pomeranians and Pugs worldwide, I present my canine equivalent; explaining why dogs are just as incredible and awesome, and hopefully satisfying their sensitive little bottoms...

1. Dogs are friendly.
"Hi, I am a doggy. I don't know you and you don't know me, but I am going to assume you are an awesome dude like I am. I therefore happily offer all my love and kindness; hoping it is reciprocated. Why, you may ask? Because that's just how I roll!" Dogs are pacifists, and if they ruled Earth, wars would be limited to the odd bone-scuffle, and irritatingly sniffed bottoms during snooze-time. Notions of race, culture and class are irrelevant, and each member welcomes one and all with equal exuberance. In nature's kingdom, dogs are the ultimate lovers.

2. Dogs are enthusiastic.
Unlike their human counterparts, a dog jumps into each new experience with full vigour and energy; thinking about nothing more than the excitement of adventure, and the adventure of excitement. They will travel anywhere, eat anything, and sniff any bottom; generally approaching every sunrise like it is the first time they ever felt light. Even in rare moments of sadness, all it takes is an unheard sound, or smell of a fresh sausage, and they are right back up on their eager paws; with their tongues panting and tails wagging. Life to them, is like a candy store to a ten-year-old.

3. Dogs are forgiving.
Life is tough. As human beings, we often make errors in absent mindedness or moments of emotional refrain; which we later regret. While we remember the mistakes of others; as much as cats never forget them, dogs wipe the entire slate clean for you. They carry such faith in your spirit, they continue to believe you will be a better person next time - treating both yourself and them, with greater love and respect. Of all the lessons dogs can teach us - and there are many, forgiveness is perhaps their most potent and powerful.

4. Dogs have hearts of pure love.
If the canine community ever needed a song to define their outlook to happiness, there would be no better choice than the John Lennon, Beatles classic, "All You Need Is Love". Whether the chirpy little Chihuahua jumping up and down around her mummy, to remind her how thankful she is to live in the forever home, or the lovable yet dopey Blood-Hound; guarding the front door from intruders, all acts of dog are born from pure love. In their vocabulary, bitterness and primal fears, are replaced with butter scotch and smelly rears.

5. Dogs are comedians.
Ever see a Jack Russell on a leash attempt to fight a double-decker bus? Or a group of Pit Bull puppies playing on a slide? If you have, chances are you will understand the joys of watching doggies immersed in full clown mode; where dignity is thrown out the window by fun. Mutts are natural entertainers, and should a dog and cat ever merge to form a modern day Laurel and Hardy? It is guaranteed the straight man role goes to the moggy. Don't believe me, take a look at the photo in the top right-hand corner; that is Harry Pugger - king of the one-liner, and master of the noisy blow-off.

6. Dogs are loyal.
"How could you resist?"
If the Queen's guards discovered a Corgi; who lived with his homeless best-friend somewhere in the dirtiest depth of cardboard city, and offered him a prime spot beside her majesty's throne; with gold-plated toilet bowl, regular walks around the gardens of Buckingham Palace, and daily doses of pedigree Pedigree Chum, he still wouldn't leave his master - his emotional bond too strong to sacrifice, in the name of physical security. Like a true solider, dogs are loyal to the highest degree, and loaded with courage.

7. Dogs are trustworthy.
Unless left in charge of the weekly sausage storage; guaranteed to be eaten out of a dog's lack of internal discipline to say no - even thought he really wanted to be good, the trust of a dog is a limitless and endless portion of his peaceful nature. He won't betray your bad mood with a naughty poo under the sofa, or gallivant with the family next door on a secret picnic. Once he selects you as his companion, his full trust is a given. Your only responsibility is to respect this trust, and a wonderful relationship for life is formed.

8. Dogs have a sixth sense.
Much like cats, dogs have an extra sensory perception; especially regarding human pain and suffering. Ever notice how your little friend seems to be around during periods of intense hardship? Or always there with a loving little head-butt, on chilly winter days? It is their way of saying, "I know times are tough, but it's going to be okay. The doggy lords assured me tomorrow will be a better day. Besides this, I love you; and will stay beside you until life is happy again." Dogs are in touch with God, because they don't waste time trying to control the notion of it. However, only humans who fully love them, are afforded the gift of seeing this.
9. Dogs are a man (and woman's) best friend.
In the end, Dogs are the greatest buddy anyone could ever possibly have. They won't lie or cheat on you, and the only possession of yours they shall ever steal, is your heart. A loveable, loyal, trustworthy companion; whatever the breed or size, they are guaranteed to brighten up your spirits, and liven up your days. And, like all best friends, shall stick with you through thick, thin, and every aspect in-between.

And there you are, nine reasons to love our heroic canine friends; I hope this has assuaged their community enough, that I am now allowed to go view a Harry Pugger show. As far as number ten is concerned - as with cats, I will leave this one up to you, the reader. The comment section is below...

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  1. Wonderful, so very true. That is why I prefer animals to humans! Thank you.

  2. Loved this article! Every word is true, and that is why I can't have just one dog (or cat).

  3. No truer words said!!

  4. When my husband died I took a dog from the rescue centre for company. Loui can never replace my husband but he tries very hard.
    Thank you for your lovely words.

  5. Writing about dogs is quite easy, as all the words about them come from the heart. There are also many other reasons to love them; perhaps I should write nine more!