Equally Everybodys.

Discard every word I write. Listen to the ideas I present, consider them in relation to personal experience, and then decide which elements to keep, as you abandon the rest. What am I trying to say? Simple…I want you to think for yourself, I don’t want to do it for you; even though at many periods in my life I have deluded myself into believing otherwise, I don’t have this right – no one does. 

No single being on Earth, can define your version of the truth. No religious figure. Government leader, street preacher, celebrity tweeter, egotistical writer, forsaken fool, wizened philosopher, ruthless King, toothless peasant, or draconian lunatic, possess knowledge of the passion and desire which linger deep within your heart, mind and soul. God – in whatever form you see them in, has given you existence. Within the confines of that existence, they have also presented you with a powerful tool; commonly known as the human mind. 

The mind is yours, but in its lifetime, will experience endless streams of others trying to clasp the handles of its engine. They will try to implant seeds of thought to suit their own insecure attempts at ego validating power – regardless of the destruction it brings inside of you. They will make you second guess decisions you know need zero questioning. They will put your life on a rollercoaster you never asked to ride, then push, pull, and generally beat the living shit out of you until finally – when you beg for the serene comfort of a secure place of rest, force you to accept there is no other path of peace, beyond accepting their impressions of how you are meant to see the world.

They will convince you poverty equals a lack of education; it doesn't. That beauty is external; only a portion is. Success is financial; even though money is a loveless creation of man. That fame is the Holy Grail; when there is no Holy Grail. That war is a necessity, love is pain, and only the few are allowed to shine like a crazy diamond; in essence, they will teach you life is theirs to hand to you – even though it is equally everybody’s. Deep down, we all know this. Maybe it is easier to go with the flow, as opposed to fighting its current. Maybe the fight for independent thought is too draining. Maybe I am just rambling; it doesn’t matter. All I know is that this is life; you are living it as you read this. And until you understand that all the tools of life are yours and yours alone – you will never be free; and we all wish to be free, right?

These are just a few meagre thoughts I have considered on this wet and idle Wednesday; they are not to be taken as gospel, as opposed to the random musings which they are. And in turn with the nature of this post - feel free to ignore every word I have written... 


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