50 Tools For An Emerging Artist.

1.      A Brain
2.      Patience
3.      An idea
4.      Ability to read, write, sing, or draw
5.      Endless supply of caffeine
6.      A heart and soul
7.      Determination
8.      Ability to handle rejection
9.      Delusions of grandeur
10.  An Ego
11.   Suffocation of social life
12.  Window for sound of rain
13.  Enthusiasm
14.  Narcissism
15.  Time
16.  Ability to ignore everybody else
17.  Desire
18.  Comfortable bed
19.  Someone to prove right
20. Someone to prove wrong
21.  Frustrating chase for perfectionism
22.  Ability to place full-stop on frustrating chase for perfectionism
23.  Workplace; coffee- shop, basement, cupboard below stairs, etc…
24.  Inspirational quotes webpage
25.  Carbohydrates
26.  Understanding partner
27.  Facebook
28.  Accepting society deeming you mental
29.  Concurrent love and disdain for money
30.  Worn pair of shoes you never cease wearing
31.   Roll-up cigarettes, chewing gum, or both
32.  Unwavering belief your work is more important than actually is
33.  Lidl or Asda for sustenance
34.  Set of testicles
35.  Genuine, original thought
36.  Knowledge of benchmarks; both Karl and Groucho
37.  Knowledge of bench Parks; both local and city
38. A sense of humour
39. A sense of the absurd
40. Momentary distractions
41.  Notions of otherworldly essence to fool others
42. Talent and commitment
43. Never say die attitude
44. Emotion grabbing tunes whilst ploughing away
45. Genuine friends to remember why you started
46. Sham friends to remember why you never stop
47.  Intelligence
48.  Humility
49.  Arrogance
50.  Physical proof of completed work.

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