One Percent Of Chapter Seven.

I continue to write, and it is hard at this point. Not stretching the imagination or idea, but constructing everything into order. I get closer each day, and am much nearer to the end than I give myself credit for. I will feel satisfied when I am fully finished. But it will only last a day or two, by then I will have started on book two. I will write until nature forces me to stop...
I don't know if the reactions to these are either positive, negative, or indifferent. But hey, it is not to worry, I will simply continue to write a book which I would personally enjoy reading... 
This is taken from somewhere in the middle of chapter seven... The Art Of Feeling;

'Can you remember a period of your life in which you felt you wanted an aspect or element of existence to move in a certain direction? Only for the desire to happen, yet still leave you no happier or validated than before? Now remember that same portion of your past on this precise moment. Can you sense, with the somewhat ineffective benefit of transparent hindsight, a clearer viewpoint of what you felt you wanted, in comparison to what you actually needed?
Unless you are a severely delusional and repressed being, who may very well endure an entire lifetime in an uneven reality born out of an internal mode of unconscious protection – which, conversely enough, only serves to lessen the quality of its life, as opposed to progressing it. You are likely to feel a sensation of a form of vivid clarity. The depth, of which this affects each individual, will vary in drastic measures - dependent upon the root and reaction towards future endeavors the moment perpetuates. Regardless of the depth of its power, each outcome of conscious awareness goes to elaborate the sheer force and nature of the fundamental truths about human desire and denial.
In essence, the powers of the emotions and the actions they cause in all their varying forms have never changed, only the societies and the constructs of how they operate. Much like how murder and chaos are generally acceptable in certain elements during war time, the same actions are completely unjustified when there is peace. The actions remain constant - the perceptions vary.
We are not a good, wholesome animal, who seeks to help the world and make it a better place. We are not an evil, malicious animal, who carries an impetus to destroy and manipulate our surroundings. We are simply an animal - nothing more, nothing less.
We are born after a nine month gestation period in our Mothers womb; we exist as a living creature from a few solitary moments to - in some cases, over a century. Finally, after all our living on this planet has come to pass, and there is no longer any point of purpose in our personal regulation of the human race… we die.
Sometimes there is music, sometimes complete silence. We think, we feel, we breathe, we eat, we wonder, we create, and we destroy. Our paths, our beliefs, our lies and truths all vary through culture, class, colour, creed, and ideas of why we exist in the first place. As long as we continue to replicate our species, and push forward in our paths of survival, everything else in the world simply belongs to the dance our social animal partakes upon.
Before our societies even existed in their state of basic reality - in which land was built upon for greater comfort of living and survival, rules and regulations were decreed to its populous via the rulers of the land to ascertain power and structure, and a system of regular process and order was facilitated to organize and control the desired outcomes and repressions of leaders who were afforded this power, man lived a solitary yet dangerous existence.
He never needed to suppress or withhold his natural desires and impulses, as there were no moral or ethical rules and regulations to stop him from doing so. He never needed to worry about a feminist movement holding veiled protests outside his cave or mud hut, vastly against his dominance over whichever female he chose to club over the head, carry by the hair home, and then replicate his genetic coding with. Nor did he fret over finding alternative eating habits, after almost experiencing a grim death through stoning, from a group of disenchanted cave dwellers who believed in the unquestionable rights of life for boars and wildebeest.'

This leads to freedom aspects and the idea of freedom and rule being somewhat intrinsically mixed - much like oil and water.

Hope you enjoy, and it isn't too mentally draining...


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