Free Form Writing.

There is an old cliche of the frustrated writer.  Who sits above a furrowed brow as he gazes down upon a fresh sheet of blank paper - unaware of what to write next. Scratching their heads and chewing on a Biro, musing over the first set of formulating a series of words together - hoping for literal alchemy, but probably achieving little.
Personally, I never have or have had this problem. Sometimes, when I have nothing specific to write about, I just write... this is one of those times.

So anyway, this laptop is sitting in-between my raised knees and crossed legs, as I lean against a wall of my bedroom. There are two pillows propping up my back, and a cold yet fresh breeze - which stems from the curtains I washed and re-hung this afternoon. My mobile phone is resting beside me on the floor at a right-angle, beside an empty plastic black flask cup, which just under an hour ago contained a cup of tea I made, and then drunk (Not that you can do much else with a cup-of-tea). I have just eaten two pieces of wholemeal toast - I no longer eat white bread, and have not done so for about ten years.
A barely edited copy of Chapter Nine of my book sits on the other side of my right leg on the floor, on top of it rests a folded letter form HSBC bank, telling me about my new debit account approval. I am already with three other banks, but just applied because I could.

Even writing about banks and money bore me. Not because I am some kind of anarchist who believes in burning cash, but because it reminds me of Chapter Five, in which I had to research the entire history of finance, money, trade, and the like. God it was boring. Money is an undoubtedly necessary portion of the world. But the more you learn about its nature, the more you realize how cold, cynical and lacking in any real humanity the item truly is... which is ironic when we consider it is a human invention. But, it is very difficult to imagine the world as it is without it, and human nature is much more subtle and devious than we sometimes like to admit.. and the readies have not helped so much. Of course, 95% of it is controlled by only 5% of the world, so I will let you decide how healthy money is as an act of human endevour. In truth, it is not really money that is the issue, but how the human animal organizes, controls, and is seduced and destroyed by it.
Though it does bring me to the idea I came up with, that the global recession was a result of too many banks creating money out of nowhere in the form of mass loans; money which adds to the debt of a nation. There is a reason that in only 70 years, the percentage of actual currency being physical in the U.K, has dropped from 50%, to a mere 3%... All the issues and riots of our world now; from Greece, to Iceland, Egypt and Libya, and those which will arise over the next few years (and yes, England is a possibility too), arise from the wealthy trying to punish the poor for the mistakes of control made by those in power. But this has been happening since man created order, it is only when they tip the balance, do the riots take place. I guess everything in life is revolving - even evolution... sort of.
You have to love the way all great fascists dictators refer and promote themselves (at least, in their rise to power) as 'of the people' types. A point of proof that the greatest enemies do indeed pose as your allies and friends, if their ever was one.

I never followed leaders myself. I have never followed anyone. Not to rebel for the sake of it, but purely because I don't believe the words of men who the masses allow to think for them, when doing so only creates disconnection within the human species. Hitler, Mussolini, Rupert Murdoch, et all. Only find reasons which show the outlooks and attributes which separate the human race. Whereas Freud, Nietzsche, Darwin, shit - even Albert Camus, would only attempt to unify through ideas of possible universal truths. Of course, trying to adept truth to the masses in a system they have come to rely on is kinda dangerous, and should my book eventually become released, I am likely to make as many enemies as I do friends. But this is cool; Sawyer was always my favourite character on Lost anyway...

Goodnight all...


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