So I am sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop, trying to write a chapter in this book about the history of media and communication over the past 150 years or so, since Ben Franklin attached a key to his kite on a stormy American day. I am listening to a mixture of Christmas songs which has stolen the music from untold Beatles songs, yet changed, which I am assuming for legal reasons, the lyrics and melodies to the songs to make them more Christmas like, and some kids talking about a world they know absolutely nothing about but probably think they do, as we all do at that age. A fat woman in a coat sits with her back to me in front of me, not that it is of any interest to myself. Times are changing, for myself anyway. I am approaching the age of thirty, and am finding myself caring less and less about the impressions and perceptions I give off to people, which, I guess, in turn, gives off its own impression and perception in its own right. I am looking forward to turning thirty. The weather today is, for want of a better word of description, fucking freezing! I wonder how those Northern Canadians and Scandinavians do it? As far as the our cooler climate cousins, the Australians, they get to see out the festive period during the heart of their summertime, which, must make the time of year a whole different aspect for the Cricket loving bushwhackers down under. I personally like the Aussies, they have an attitude of calling things as they see them, and never seem to bullshit or beat around the bush. Then again I seem to like most cultures. Today is Sunday, the day God rested, apparently. Twenty years from now Sundays will be much like any other day, in that supermarkets will open twenty four hours, and hardworking people will be doing even more hours for no gratitude whatsoever, just so some rich barstad can profit off the dodgy back and screwed up knees they will possess once the pension rolls into town. I am writing this to keep my mind active. I am 1000 word into the 2000 I planned today, and need to get cracking. I could watch the Chelsea match on skyplayer, but football kinda bores me now. I could watch Blackadder on Uk Gold, but have no headphones. I guess I will get back to writing about the internet and it's wild west connotations... I stll believe God will be a computer system in a few centuries, but this really needs to go into the book.

Lee Gunnell.

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