Petition to Extend Sentences for Animal Abuse.

The manner in which a culture treats its animals, speak volumes about the state of their society. Each creature lives at the mercy of our attitudes, and rely on humanity to respect their existence with protection and nurture; providing us with indefinite love and affection in return.

Here in the United Kingdom, we are fortunate to posses a system which does indeed protect domesticated animals; the RSPCA operate to monitor their welfare, veterinary services operate from Lands End to John O' Groats, and laws are designed as punishment for the unfortunate forms of animal abuse - which both anger and sadden us to hear, read or discover. As vital as these laws are, the current maximum sentence for severe cases stand at a £20,000 fine and six months served in prison, and animal lover Joanne Warrior feels - as much as I do, this is far too lenient a punishment; for what are in many cases, acts of cold-blooded murder upon creatures who deserve shelter, food, and a loving happy home. 

Because of this, she has created an E-Petition for Her Majesty's Government, in order to have this issue discussed in parliament; with the hope of raising the maximum sentence of animal cruelty to a maximum two year spell of incarceration - in line with other forms of non-animal related sentencing. The cause has currently received over 11,000 signatures, and the British Government have responded to this plight letting us know - should the level of signatures reach over 100,000, it will be considered for debate in parliament, by a backbench committee.

While I understand a cynicism in general toward politicians and their often maligned ways - as well as the feeling of futility in campaigns such as this, I remain an idealist. Knowing animal lovers exist in all walks of life - and with an Election on the horizon in 2015, it would suit many local government MPs to promote this cause, as well as push it forward before Electoral voting takes place in May of 2015. All we need to do is spread and promote this as far reaching as we can to the animal lovers and compassionate souls across the land; hoping the campaign catches a flame to surge over 100,000, and hand a little back to the world's endless givers.

Please click the link and sign the petition below. Animal welfare is a vital portion of any civilized society, and as I am sure you are fully aware dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and all other forms of domestic family member, are lives of a far richer value, than the weak minority who abuse their trust. Our culture treats its animals with respect; this is merely a continuation of our never-ending gratitude...

Thank you,

Lee Gunnell.