Of Moggies and Garbagemen.

Buddy is a placid little moggy. He loves nothing more than to stroll around his stretch of land in a solitary, dignified manner; playing Cowcats and Indians with spiders through grassland, checking on the ladybugs welfare, and generally gliding through life with the ease of a Buddhist monk, enjoying a peaceful summer's afternoon in the gardens of his temple. 

Fatty is just as compassionate a feline, but his rough upbringing has left him the temperamental, hothead of the duo. While Buddy is happy to engage and allow all the creatures of nature upon his land, Fatty - who he shares this paradise with, carries a strict policy of ‘My turf, my rules. I decide who visits, and I decide who doesn’t!’ He doesn't do this because he is hateful, just fearful of his trust being abused. 

On the odd occasion, this leads to disagreements between the two; especially when Robyn the Robin comes to visit every July - who Fatty still hasn't forgiven for waking him from a very important snooze. But in general, Fatty turns a blind eye to Buddy’s accepted visitors, as Buddy is his only true friend; who understands while a moody moggy, Fatty means well, has a good heart, and once saved him from attack by stinging nettles.

There is one visitor however, both remain in total agreement should never cross their lands. He is an enemy the entire cat world have mused over defeating throughout the ages; yet never finding a solution. An adversary who, once a week – destroys the vital serenity of their morning meditations… the dustbin-man, and his rubbish eating monster cart of doom! Buddy is wise, and knows defeating this Goliath is virtually impossible, therefore has learned to begrudgingly accept this machine is too strong to defeat, with intense stares from behind the sofa; much as he tried in previous years. Fatty, on the other hand – is both gifted and cursed in his stubborn refusal to give in, and because of this, has a plan to defeat their mortal enemy; a plan which never works, but also never weakens his resolve.

And every Wednesday morning, this is exactly what happens. The loud screech of the dustbin-man turns up in his monster cart of doom; followed by its evil hooman mercenaries, who no longer worship the cat gods. Fatty – regularly awoken from his deep mediations, decides to show the dustbin-men who is boss, and expresses his deep dissatisfaction by throwing the monster cart intense glares from behind the sofa. Hoping this strongest of messages will scare them off, he finds the dustbin-man turn up yet again a week later; regular as clockwork. Fatty is disappointed, but not a quitter; and will continue the stares as he considers further options of attrition.

The evolved Buddy, on the other hand, learns to defeat the monster by ignoring it. And when the dustbin man arrives each week, he simply distracts himself by visiting my Facebook writing page; which he asks you to join by clicking HERE. He is an admin, and asked me to write this; secretly hoping Fatty may decide to follow this path. Like all good creatures, Buddy firmly believes in free-will; he also believes in Fatty…

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