What is a Superhero?

In comic books and movies, a superhero is a human being who looks good in lycra, has the power to catch fire, can fly around the world, and masquerades as a mild mannered millionaire at socialite parties. They are capable of defeating entire armies alone; never allowing a hair to slide out of place. They are inspirational, fearless, immortal... and perfect! But outside of fiction, what is a superhero?

In reality, superheroes are less easy on the eyes. They are tall, short, slim, fat, intelligent, foolish, black, white, rich, poor, male, female, and genetically predisposed to the frailties of human nature. They are breadwinners on the breadline, fighters punching in the dark, runners whose mind never allows their legs to give in, and soldiers who defend a freedom; just so we can question their sacrifice in doing so. They are the caring animal lovers, the silent charity workers, and those whose humanity far exceeds their desire...

What is a superhero? You are a superhero! Why? Because you awake, rise from your slumber, and have the courage to face the complicated enemy of an unrelenting world with a smile on your face. You look good in compassion, catch the fire of responsibility, and play yourself in the difficult dance of life. You defeat entire enemies of hate and jealously alone; unconcerned if your hair slides out of place. You are inspirational, fearless, immortal... and perfect!

What is a superhero? You are a superhero! Congratulate yourself,you just saved the world without even knowing it...

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