20 Life Lessons; I Learned From Cats.

"My Tutor"
1. It is much easier to ask for forgiveness, than it is permission.

2. Dustbin men and vacuum cleaners, are secretly controlled by an evil organisation.

3. While perfectly acceptable to like everybody, the few worthy of your love, must be carefully considered.

4. I am never wrong, only not right by the standards of others.

5. Dogs 'break wind', cats release love burps.

6. Some love to eat fish, others just want to befriend them.  

7. If at first you don't succeed, keep being annoying till they give in.

8. When upset, turning my bottom in the accusers direction, is a very powerful statement. 

9. Always show gratitude to others, but if they fail to return the favour, cease immediately.

10. Silent displeasure is far more potent, than barking in stereo. 
"Rule Number Fourteen"

11. It is common courtesy to avoid discussing bathroom matters, in any form of public environment.

12. A moving light on the wall, is the second most interesting aspect of Earth.

13. The intricate comfort and design of cardboard boxes, is the most interesting aspect of Earth.

14. Plenty of quiet, comfortable rest, is vital to a happy life.

15. Vulnerability can only be shown in small, measured doses. The rest of the time, you must be cool as ice.

16. A life without play, is a life without colour.

17. A king doesn't need to prove to others he is king; knowing in himself is more than adequate.

18. Never underestimate the power of the poor face.

19. Wealth is not determined by money, but level of provided love and attentions.

20. The golden rule; If all else fails? Blame it on the doggy.

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  1. I loved the "Twenty Life's Lessons I Learned From Cats". They are right on the money, too. Many Thanks to
    Ozzy and Lee.

  2. Thanks. Always nice to give people a smile or two.