"Costume - Check. Pug - check!"
Viral internet sensations are impossible to manufacture. If they were, every living soul craving attention - in a world often driven by validation, would be creating funky videos generating seven-digit viewing figures, multiple-shares, global interest, and a unique level of cult stardom; once reserved for colourful criminals driven by morality, and guys who rode motorcycles over buses - as you do. 

The beauty of this inability to fake genuine sparks of emotion, leave each funky video which becomes an organic online hit, remain few and far between. This means those which find their way into a mass conscious, carry an unexplainable quality about them which – much like a classic song or universal one-liner, hit a deeper core of our psyche. Gangnam Style, Charlie chewing on his brothers finger, even the absurdity of Keyboard Cat - who I had hoped would duet with Crazy Frog, all owe their success to both this quality, and the wonderful word of mouth nature of the world-wide-web...

A few weeks ago, relaxing at home with my girlfriend, and watching heart-warming animal videos on YouTube - as we often find ourselves doing, I stumbled across a thirty-six second clip which we ended up viewing another ten times over – and a fair amount since. The video in question was of Chubbs – an upbeat Pug residing in Arizona in the United States, entering her living room dressed in a delicious ‘Wampug’ costume (pictured, top right); a mixture of the Wampa – a predatory ice-creature from the Star Wars franchise (imagine a fanged Bigfoot), and a Pug (imagine a Pug). 

It wasn’t as much the awesome costume she was wearing which sparked my interest, or even her family's two solid thumbs up reaction to it; though they sure helped. It was more the manner in which Chubbs storms into the video with such immense pride, in showing off her new togs; like Kate Middleton first trying on her royal wedding dress, only a much cooler, hairier version. Chubbs face has such joy in its expression, and she happily shows off every thread of her expertly crafted homemade costume, it is impossible not to allow it to tug at the heart strings. I obviously wasn't alone in this reaction, as the clip - released in October 2011, did indeed become one of those wonderful, organic viral internet sensations; and currently sits at a cool 1.5 million views - a number most can only dream of. 

"Chubbs in her awesome official t-shirt."
From this newly found fame, the celebrity career of Chubbs has spread like wildfire. Other videos regularly hit the web-waves, which mostly involve the delightful Pug showing her vast array of charismatic charms; including acupuncture time, begging for snackies, having her teeth cleaned, stealing cat food, and even crossing the dessert in her hilarious Star Wars sequel, Banthapug. To top it all off, she has also produced a line of t-shirts, mugs, and other memorabilia, as well as creating her own, ever expanding Facebook page; currently home to over 75,000 of her worldwide friends – both human, Pug, and the odd secret cat, who regularly engage with Misses Chubbs, about her endearing daily exploits.

All in all, however – while a doggy superstar, loyal entertainer, and loveable funster, at the end of a normal day, Chubbs is still a down-to-earth Pug; protecting her pack family with every step of her chirpy heart, and happy haired soul. Chubbs isn’t popular purely from wearing a cool wampa costume, but because she is part of a family who adore her - and have for the past eleven years. Much like my previous article on Loca; the singing Pug from Ireland, a little entertainment may get people to notice you exist, but genuine compassion and love, will keep them with you for life.

The story and escapades of Chubbs are hilarious and heart-warming. And goes to bolster my theory that Pugs are the choice of mavericks and fun-loving individuals every time; they are the comedian of all dogs, after all. As crazy as it sounds, I can feel all kinds of awful on the worst of days, yet all I have to do is watch that simple video of Chubbs excited face in a wampa costume, hankering for some snackies, or just being her adorable self, and suddenly the world seems so much sunnier. Such is the power of Pugs. Or Wampugs, in Chubbs case. Go pay her a visit, and say hello; she won't mind in the slightest...

For Chubbs the Wampug YouTube video, CLICK HERE.
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  1. Pugs are eager to entertain...especially when a treat is the reward! I follow both Loca and Chubbs because you can see their joy and the love of their human "beans" in every photo and video. Having recently lost our own dear pug, these two have brought a smile to my face when I've desperately needed it. Once you go Pug, you are never the same again.

  2. Love Chubbs-- she is such a sweetheart and brings a lot of smiles to may everyday

  3. You are correct. Pugs are funny creatures. The don't have a clue as to how often they lift your spirits. So sweet and loving. Wonderful companions. My happy-haired pug is 7 and a delightful little guy.

  4. I will always cherish the day I got my little Lucy, never loveda creature soooo much. wonderful article!!!

  5. Another great piece on another lovable creature. Oh the Pug. They truly want to interact and make their humans happy.

  6. All I can say is this... I have never met a Pug owner who thought they were anything but wonderful, loving, uplifting, and charming! Thank you all for the kind words and pro-Chubbs statements - I am sure her and her family are highly appreciative. :-)