"Happy, healthy cat!
When it comes to the raw brutality of reality; a part of me wishes to remain ignorant. It is the side which desires the naive comfort of living with eyes closed; believing Earth to be a land where humanity collectively heals the sick, the welfare of children and animals is considered above all else, and our species strive to protect one another from all forms of an otherwise avoidable misery. Of course, what I want to believe, and what I do believe, are two entirely different concepts, and unfortunately, life isn’t always a heart-warming Jimmy Stewart movie; there are a thousand colours between black and white. 

Within these colours, however, I believe the human race can be separated into three defining types of character. There is the good; strong, nurturing, and shepherding the weak through the courage of their convictions. The bad; lazy, delusional, and constantly pre-concerned with distractions of a fragile ego, to even care. And finally – those who light fires the good have spent an eternity trying to extinguish, the downright ugly; devoid of compassion, consideration, or concern, they are too hateful to be bad, and too weak to be good...

I was recently exposed to the hidden reality of “Twisted Kitty Syndrome”; a unique feline birth defect, in which kittens are born with skewed hind legs. This condition leaves walking impossible; causing them to move using a kind of pulling motion on their backsides; like a squirrel, hence the term 'squitten'. While heartbreaking to watch, virtually all cases are thankfully cured in the early stages; with adequate training and care. The good who take on these little miracles, do just that - helping little kitty grow into a confident, functional cat; leaving all as it should be in the world.  

However, many of these baby cats are exposed to the bad; those who - through self-centred ignorance and abject stupidity, specifically seek out breeders to produce squittens as a unique form of 'designer pet' - making them stand out to their friends, I guess. The idea of these 'owners' enjoying an emotionally warped, macabre satisfaction in watching an innocent baby struggle with mobility, leaves the good asking - with some degree of passion, how could any soul possibly want or allow a horrible form of reality for a cat, to be their entire lives? This is what makes them the bad; ignorant, delusional, and driven by the purist form of selfishness.

"Every Kitten deserves a healthy life"
The other question you may ask, is what kind of human being would intentionally breed an animal for birth in a deformed state; much less do so for financial profit? Unlike the ignorance of those who purchase the kittens, they know full-well the horrors and fragility in animals bred this way. This, I'm afraid, is the downright ugly; the side of life where love once turned sour, and that sour grew into hate. For the ugly, they believe destruction of life is acceptable, if it carries them a financial or social inch forward. While they know how if the cats they bred were human, they would be considered distorted psychopaths of the Doctor Frankenstein variety, they simply do not care.

As far as the squitten is concerned? I ask you to spread awareness of the awful reality of kitty breeders; in the hope that one day, every path they cross will discourage these operations, by refusing to endorse them, and exposing their true reality. Life is not a Jimmy Stewart movie; but it does contain three acts, and three defining types of characteristic. Stay good, enlighten the bad, and avoid the downright ugly. And remember, ignorance isn't really bliss at all; at least, not when it comes to the poor squitten...

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  1. God screwed up when he put "us" in charge !!!

  2. God NEVER screws up....this is NOT what He asked us to be....
    so let's change it...and start with me, Lord!
    until there is no longer a need....

  3. Just remember, abusers are the rare exception, and not the rule. Don't let a few horrible people spoil your perceptions of all the wonderful, positive, and helpful souls of our world! :-)