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It is impossible to convince an animal lover that human beings are anything more than equals, to the vast kingdom of creatures we share earth with. Whether the woman who dotes over her Chihuahua like a pampered baby; dressing them in flat-caps and adorable denim jackets, or the family unable to ignore any passing feral cat; eventually assembling a vast army of moggies under one roof. For this secret society of warm-hearted souls, life, is life; the vessel they carry it in irrelevant – in comparison to the kindness contained inside.

With few exceptions, it is in our nature to nurture human babies and children. We feel their fear, live their smiles, regale in their happiness, and despair in their hurt. For animal lovers, these reciprocated emotions are prevalent for all living creatures. And it is this undying love and compassion, which brings me to a Facebook page loaded in soul filling inspiration, “A newly created page for special needs animals” (link at bottom); devoid of gimmicks, advertising, or self-indulgent nonsense, it exists to create stronger awareness of animals unable to survive without human intervention; as well as those angelic humans, who take it upon themselves to carry them.

There are all manner of promoted stories. Blind, deformed legs, spinal injuries, decaying illness, and even animals suffering from terminal cancer – all re-homed and cared for, regardless of the effort required. It is an endless stream of potential tragedy turned into joyous miracle, and beside handing humility to my own fortunes of physical health, it also has a richer reward of securing my faith in a human race often ridiculed and criticized; far more than deserved. In a perfect world - ruled by animals lovers, war would end, the biggest criminal issues would revolve around which doggy ate too many noms, and Chihuahua’s would be on television every single day; which I am sure we all can appreciate the thought of.

"Cooper - blind, loved, and happy"
Media neglects to show the vast number of animal lovers in the world, deciding instead to take the irresponsible route of lazy journalism; taking the one exception who mistreats an animal, and acting as if they are the rule. The actual rule is those who love animals are here, there, and everywhere, and the reason this site continues to grow (it's currently at 81,982 fans), is because most would rather be inspired by beauty, than horrified by misery.

Perhaps this is the true message a page like this sends on a daily basis; no matter how disabled or mistreated an animal has been, their spirits are stronger than concrete, hearts purer than snow, and have a carpe diem philosophy we as humans are often guilty of neglecting. The more I think about it, the more I understand that while elements of society deem these creatures disabled… they are in fact the healthiest of souls alive – much like those who care for them; each one a Florence Nightingale of animal welfare. 

Newly created page for special needs animals… thank you. 

A Newly Created Page For Special Needs Animals (Facebook) 

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  1. a newly created page for special needs animals helped me find a lady who was donating her dogs wheelchair after he passed as My 105Lb Tyson fell and lost the use of his rear left leg 2 years ago i had no idea wheelchairs for dogs even existed this page is a blessing to those that have special needs animals i have learned amazing things from the people on that page

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    1. Thank you Rene. Show your support by joining my fan page. :-)

  3. A Newly Created Page for Special Needs Animals and, in particular, Cheryl Gustafson, provide daily inspiration to animal lovers. As stated here, the negative stories can be overwhelming. But a daily dose of these positive stories can offset the misery and be a blessing.

  4. A wonderful page--I read it faithful and find it so inspiring. Wish I could take in lots and lots of needy dogs--

  5. It's very easy to write about those who offer so much to the world, yet ask for so little. That and the fact I love animals anyway. Anything genuine and inspirational merits articles, in my view. :-)

  6. As a small animal veterinarian who has created a niche for myself in regards to my interest in special needs and senior pets I find your article inspirational. I currently am the proud mom to 8 dogs and 12 cats most of which are special needs in nature or were when we adopted them. My special needs cat "Willie Hodge" ( currently has a facebook page of over 6200 fans many of which Cheryl from "A Newly Created Page For Special Needs Animals" helped him acquire over the years. In fact she is getting ready to post a story about our special needs French Bulldog who was recently filmed for a local commercial in order to promote pet adoption. I am also the proud mom of 8 cats at my veterinary hospital, the Cat Clinic of Cary, most of which are special needs or senior in nature as well. As a result of my involvement in our community and the word spreading about my passion for the handicapable fur babies, so many of them seem to find their way to the front door of my hospital, home, and heart. I applaud you for writing this article and can't wait to share it in order to help educate others on the joy these wonderful creatures can bring to their human counterpart. If going forward you ever felt that there was a story we could tell together about what I do I would be absolutely honored for you to write it. Sincerely, Jennifer Eachus, DVM from the Cat Clinic of Cary and Pampered Pets Mobile Vets