Run Off The Mill.

"Heaven on Earth"
The concept of money is a human invention, life is not. It is for this reason I remain a firm believer, monetary value cannot be placed on any living creature; be it human, animal, and in some respects, elements of nature; such as trees and plant life. 

Trouble is, our lives take place upon one world, divided into two sides we find ourselves constantly fighting to remain balanced between. On the left we have a land cultivated in creative expression, compassion, connection, and love; our organic path of peace, designed by whatever God is. Whereas the right side is cold, mechanical, and crafted in surviving through financial stability; built from man’s quest to control everything, through the building of civilisation. It is a side which - as much as we may despise it, have to respect it to a degree. However, as much as we chose to respect the pursuit of wealth, most rational souls remember that while money cannot exist without life, life can and has existed without money; keeping us afloat of where the real power lies...  

Puppy mills are prison cells sold as shelters, where female dogs are used to breed as many litter as possible; in order to sell each puppy to unassuming families; at as high a price as their acid tongues are able to scam them for. From birth, many of these animals are trapped in dirty cages, given contaminated food, forced to drink water through the tubes of bottles designed for hamsters; causing rotted teeth and all manner of dental issues, and continually suffer with disease and disability; from the lack of care and concern shown by their pimp. Being one of hundreds - and often more, they are raised to be sold, and viewed as little more than walking, talking dollar signs. Unfortunately, these breeders choose to neglect the feeling part of their existence; either that, or the sin of greed makes them simply not give a shit. And a neglected, lonely life in a cramped cell, I imagine causes a lot of pain; both physical and emotional.

Many of these dogs never know the sense of sniffing freshly cut grass, (much like the feeling of walking over it), eating a fresh meal, or sitting on the lap of a loved one, while falling asleep from the comfort of loving strokes. All they know is a daily grind in a cramped cage, with many other unhappy dogs; never knowing what love, compassion, concern or trust ever feels like; it’s no wonder their hearts struggle to make it through to a full life, and some barely last a full calendar year.
"Hell on Earth"

I would suggest that puppy mills are the dog equivalent of Victorian Prisons, but the conditions are beneath even those inhuman standards. Controllers of these forms of hell see dogs as little more than a commercial venture, and, like most people seduced by the cold side of commerce, sacrifice the selfless organic elements of life for chasing another quick dollar. They choose the right-side, and forget the concept of money having value, yet life being priceless. 

Never purchase an animal from a puppy mill, or endorse their business. No matter how slick they sell their sickness, or professional they appear, in the end, they create life purely to sell souls as a means of a profit. There are already vast numbers of loving dogs in shelters; desperate for another chance at a forever home. Breeding tens of thousands more money makers; many of whom are left disabled by the conditions, is a selfish, ignorant, and heartless way to both live a life where we have the freedom of choice, and treat those who are at the mercy of it. And if you disagree with this outlook? Imagine all those deformed puppies in shitty cages as human babies; because to every last animal lover out there, it is no different to them, as it is for an innocent newborn puppy.

The concept of money is a human invention, life is not. Perhaps in the end it all boils down to one philosophy; if the human race creates it, we have every right to sell it. If it is created by God, however? In reality it was never ours to own in the first place; meaning they will never be ours to sell either. How do you see a dog? A collection of souls, or a collection, to be sold...

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