One Hour Photo.

For anyone who visits my Facebook profile, they may notice my regular habit of posting photos on my wall. I cannot suggest to be any kind of expert on the art of photography, but for me, visiting any event, tourist destination, or special occasion remains incomplete, without the memories storied in digital form. 

As far as the style of each picture, I am not one for posed shots which - while nice to look at, do not represent a true reflection of the atmosphere of the moment. So I have decided to share a small collection of some of my Favourite photos; and why I like them...

This shot was actually taken by my younger brother in Camden Town, London, moments before the funeral of our great Uncle William; the house behind, his home of many years.
The suited kid on the left is a 22-year-old me, beside my eldest brother Graham - who was at the time, sandwiched between his wild Gothic youth, and the mature life of a father to my nephew and niece. 

It has the feel of an album cover; my lowered, steeped fingers, counteracting Graham's bored and impatient crossed arms.
Taken in Paris over the summertime. Three drunk Frenchmen take a leisurely snooze in the mid-afternoon Tuesday sunshine.
The beauty of this shot, was that in the middle of a packed, metropolitan city, not one person seemed either bothered about them being there, or having any reaction towards the fact they were; something you would never see in London.

My nephew Thomas - who seems to have a very unique viewpoint on all that comes his way; a wonderful sign of an individual mind, stands in this photo with a mixture of ambivalence, as he gazes at a dustbin designed as a Frog.
I am still not sure whether he is asking the bin 'What the bloody hell are you?" or is telling it "You aint scaring me into leaving this park, pal!"

My girlfriend's legs; raised high into the summer skyline. 
I love this photo because it is up to the imagination what exactly is going on with her upper half. 

Bagman; the former wandering vagrant of Harrow Town Centre. I was a little obsessed with this guy once upon a time - while he stank from his filthy mac, brown trousers, and old shoes he wore on a daily basis, as he carried around his collection of shopping bags containing bread and newspapers. He also wore a wedding ring, owned a bank card, and - unlike some of Harrows local gentry, was quite polite and courteous.
This shot, taken in 2010, shows man of bags in his regular sleeping spot of Harrow bus station. He has not been seen in the area for at least two years... I often hope to see him; clean suited, free of bags, and finally back with the owner of his beloved wedding band.

My youngest brothers pet cat, Millie. She is known to be a lovely yet very melancholic feline; due to a rough first two years, and arriving into this world in the back of a pub alleyway. This picture seems to capture her during a moment of introspective thought, and shows her warm yet slightly sad personality, all in one set of eyes.

The solitary male, sits by himself in the quiet thought of an Egdware pub. Who is he waiting for? What is he thinking? Has he been stood up by a potential partner, or just whittling the hours away in his own silent mind? How long will he ponder, before he takes another small glass of his alcoholic beverage.
I cannot draw, but if I could, this would be the kind of drawing I would love to create by hand. 

So there are a few of my favourite pictures I have taken - minus the first. They may be shit - I don't know, but I like them, and that is enough for me. The photograph has existed for 173 years; that's a lot of snapping...