Human Success.

I am going to write this as a single, free flowing, straight forward article - a first draft if you will, as I attempt to capture the wandering thoughts of my mind; based around a perception I have towards a reality of distortion. In a little over thirty years on Earth, the greatest error I find we consistently allow ourselves to make as a solitary species, is to define both ourselves, and everybody else, by all the things that - while a portion of definition as to the ideas, morals, principals, or genetics and social conditioning ring true in determining us as solitary beings, are in no way indicative of the reality which binds seven billion living souls. A simple, universal truth... we are all human.

I am, you are, everyone is. We desire to be liked, admired, respected, appreciated, considered, understood, validated, wanted, needed, and know our place on this planet carries a form of progressive value. In the end, this all leads to one simple, unconditional reality... we all desire to be loved; in a way which transcends every element beyond the walls of protection, we build with necessity around our souls in a world which is both wonderful, yet often brutal in the harshest means.

Many live their lives with a sense their value is minimal, or even worse, non existent. Somehow they may convince themselves not being an international entertainment superstar, ideal Mother or partner, carry a perfect body, have a mind like Einstein, a heart like Rocky Balboa, a soul like the Dalei Lama, or a bank account like Alan Sugar, renders them an insignificant failure. But, this is a negative reflection determined by media to fund capitalism and retain power to the few - whilst concurrently keeping people chasing barely imagined rainbows. Success is not wealth, power, or fame. Success is learning to accept people as simply people; to respect them as they are, to help as opposed to harm. To see beyond colour, creed, class, and all that other crap we are told makes us different from one another. 

Without this knowledge, we often end up chasing our own tails down avenues - which inevitably lead us away from the people we truly are inside, hoping to attain positive affirmations from our own species. But to me it seems counter-productive, for the only people this ever really impresses, are those who seek their own external shell validations in the same way, while those who will always love and appreciate you for the person you are; regardless of wealth or status, shall always remain true to staying a part of your core. I guess what I am saying is this; we are defined by character - not by perceptions of culture.

No human being alive is perfect, or entirely pure. We all make dumb-arse mistakes, get lost, contradict ourselves, misunderstand situations, become confused, and do stupid stuff sometimes. But this is what makes us who we are, and the older I get, the more I subscribe to an ethos of live and let live. Just never convince yourself you have no worth - if you are reading this, then I guarantee you, you will mean something to someone; as much as someone will mean something to you...


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