Across The Universe.

The human race fight; since the very first set of Homo Sapiens upped and left the motherland of Africa some 50,000 years ago - (Sorry racists, but you have to accept your ancestors were once upon a time, of black skin), and reached all corners of the globe to colonize as our personal creation. We have argued, bickered, fought, scrapped and disagreed over everything this world has to offer. In all these years, nothing has changed; beyond a slightly higher level of awareness to this notion.

We kill, separate, fight, corrupt, destroy, and induce all manner of negative global associations; religion, politics, money, culture, colour, class, looks, perceptions, morals, principals, values, ethics... the list is essentially endless. If the world creates it, people will find a reason to argue over it. Sometimes, disagreement and discussion is healthy; constructive, considered ideas always help each other, to help each other. The majority of times, however, these arguments are born from and lead back to the internal psychology of power, validation, and gaining a sense of love, purpose and meaning behind personal existence; a continuation of our primal logic to achieve these aims through attrition. It's as if we are so obsessed with feeding our own souls, we neglect to forget those whose souls remain as empty and fractured as the person who ruthlessly attacks it.

And here is where is saddens me to a point I could physically cry for our species; if we all just decided to say "you know what, fuck it... live and let live - you have your idea, I have mine. You tell me how you see life - I will listen. And in return, you can do the same for me. By the end, instead of drawing swords of repression and hate to feel deeper isolation and misunderstanding, we learn from each other. We view new ways of thinking and become more intelligent, validated and content through the process, and we move forward - not backwards." We are an incredible animal, we have so much endless possibility... but it needs to be based around positive association; you cannot walk along a broken bridge.

You see, this is planet Earth. It isn't really ours to lay claim to - and it never has been, much like the universe. We are taught we own the land to serve a system which is man made, but it's human propaganda designed to benefit the very few, while passively killing the many. This world is believed to be at the very least, around 5 billion years old, and our species have only existed in our current form for around 100,000 of them. And us as solitary beings, receive a mere 80 for our pleasure - even then, this is only if nature is kind to you. We fight and war over where to place the small pieces of a billion piece jigsaw puzzle, yet never consider to take a look at the whole picture on the front of the box; a picture that is so fucking beautiful it's ridiculous... you have to see it to believe it.

So in respect of time, biology, nature, empathy, desire, dreams, aspiration, inspiration, education, and even suffocation - the question I have to ask the species which I remain a fully immersed, card-carrying member, is simple; to argue, hate, despise, criticize, and ultimately, judge... what good does it afford any of us? Can you imagine just how powerful and strong we could be, if we all decided to work together for a common cause?
We never meant to get it wrong, but somewhere along the path, life became clouded, and humanity lost its way a little. Somewhere across the universe, they are either laughing about the 'controllers' of this planet for missing the point, or crying - because, deep down, they genuinely believed we had it in us to achieve great things - I guess they if they did, then they still do.

We are the boy of the solar system who received the wonderful, mesmeric billion piece brand new jigsaw puzzle for his birthday... then ended up discarding the pieces and turning the box cover face down; spending the rest of the day sitting on top of a greying card inlay - never once turning the box over. Life is a gift, don't reject it, ignore it, or disdain it... at at least, try not to.


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