Love Versus Everything Else.

It turns ordinary men into fierce, noble warriors; handing them the strength to slay the mightiest of demonic Dragons. It grows metaphorical wings upon women; piercing a passionate fire into the eyes of the most passive of females. And a mere droplet of its potion onto the tongue of any human being, rises them like a rejuvenated Phoenix - from the deepest, darkest of gutters, onto the peaks of the highest mountains within a human soul; affording a view of the world where nothing but clear, blue skies lay ahead, and a feeling of calm serenity in absolute clarity - which both centers and structures ambitions engine, as it grinds out an endless stream of determination, desire, drive, and dedication.

Every last element of positive achievement in this world; from the freeing of entire civilizations, all the way to a small child discarding a sweet wrapper into a garbage bin, is born from this internal feeling. An essence often misunderstood as merely a human to human form which, while the most intense portion there is in the emotional construct of our fragile beating hearts, is only a chapter of its ubiquitous powers. It is not even organism to organism. It is a knowledge of positivity, peace, and a certain kind of submission to all that surrounds the dusty paths of the lives we walk along; we commonly refer to it as... love.

And yet, there is a catch to this small magic potion which contains the liquid called love; when we taste it, when it is offered as a gift to save our souls, from the ruin of believing in nothing but what we see with our eyes; which - by all accounts, is merely a small red bow on the gift wrapping of life, (and who ever retains the bow) we have to accept it; without condition, without hesitation, and, to a degree, without question. Should we decide not to, it manifests itself into frustration, anger, bitterness, resentment, and all forms of negative, destructive outlook. Eventually, it turns into a vile tasting, sour form of hate; a hate which, like all great killers, psychopaths, and fascist dictators will attest to, helps nobody in no way whatsoever - especially themselves.

The love arrives in many ways, millions of times a day, and in an untold myriad of forms; it could be human, animal, inanimate, an energy, an impulse, an act, it is ostensibly limitless. For me personally - on Friday, it was a lift home from someone I had not seen in just over ten years. On Saturday it was the downpour of rain. And today it was in the form of a furry ginger and white Cat I met walking home, who happily let me tickle under his chin, before - from his own acceptance of love, laying on his back and letting me stroke his belly. These are minimal examples, and over this weekend, countless acts of love have passed me by; some I accepted, many, to my personal disappointment, I rejected - some more blatantly than others.

I say the world is becoming boring to me, but it is not true. Each and every day, I grow more in touch with the nature I have consciously ignored for almost all my life; I can feel the life in the trees, or hear it in the whistling of the leaves as they echo along the wind. I see it in animals speaking to me, without the need for the human invention of words - created to organize and remember a world we were adapting to pretend belonged solely to us; we call a Spider a Spider, do you really think a Dog refers to them this way, much less even bother to name them at all?
I want to to feel - to me feeling is to live. And the more I see the beauty of love through nature, I more I see how humanity have been forced to ignore it; chasing all manner of pointless stuff, which only leaves us more insecure than before we attained it. We all desire to be able to give and receive it; and love can only be attained by giving it away.

The best things in life truly are free, we just have to unconditionally accept them as they are. Through a mixture of internal conditioning, denial, and an obstinate attitude to new ideas and formulas, I constantly miss out on so much love in this world. But nature has given me a great potential to offer humanity as much positivity as I can, and I need to fight; perhaps the biggest and only true fight my life has ever undertaken. I have tasted love, many times - yet still I must swallow the potion, without allowing my mind to trick me into yet again rejecting it. But I know I am winning, and I know in doing so, mine and all those around me, will be all the better for it. You just need to be a little patient; my mental templates are very, very intricate - and it takes a long time to strip them down to their bare threads of architecture.

I love you all.


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