Logo A Go-Go.

I was trying to create a logo for my business cards. The simple reason being that logos are apparently meant to create a stand out impression, when promoting yourself. For me the words are all I need to sell my abilities as a writer, but still, in order to succeed in the constructs of this labyrinth we live upon, I am fully aware in the necessities in adaptability - so it is all good, dog.

Anyway, it gave me a chance to be a little more creative in drawing and design - two forms of art I am in general quite bad at; not for lack of talent, but lack of ability in knowing how. Of all the aspects of life I am rubbish at; playing pool, multitasking (I use being male as an excuse), and basketball, as examples - the ability to paint and dance - as separate forms of expression,and not together, are the only two which actually annoy me when I attempt to do them - and then do them so badly; I wonder how it must be, to have a burning passion for something you are innately terrible at? I should thank nature for handing me the gift of wordplay - and the desire to become good at it. I could be shit as a writer, and merely deluded - but if so, this is a good delusion; I am also devilishly attractive, the worlds greatest lover, strong as an Ox, sharp as a razor, and extremely modest... *coughs*.

The logo I initially came up with, was meant to be a signature of my initials; LG. I wanted a more conventional example, then realized somewhere down the line, I would probably find myself being sued by the company, LG; hence the logo resembling a signature. The problem was, it looked like a skewered version of the Nazi symbol, which, considering I am not a hate-fulled fascist, and that many Jewish people work in positions of power within the literary field - would be pretty stupid to print on 250 business cards; unless a 'we hate everything which isn't white and ignorant' magazine needs someone to construct an article about guns, ammo, micro-sized penises, shaved heads, and why every problem of the world is cause by everyone but the white man. Even if they did, I think I would take a pass; I can be dramatic, but I can't produce outright bullshit.

Ironically, the Nazis hijacked the symbol - now associated with so much evil in the world, from Hinduism; where it was created as a statement of universal peace. Adolf destroyed a lot of things in the world; and, much like those odd, staunch, half a flat comb style mustaches, flattened side swept haircuts, the name Adolph (read about Harpo Marx as an example of this), the symbol itself is now looked at as the very opposite of why it was created. Of course, in a few hundred years, all of these will be used again; though I really don't like those stupid mustaches.

So in the end, I designed a logo of a clock with no spherical barrier, and two distorted centered hands; which resemble the initials of my signature. It is somewhat ambivalent and pretentious enough, for high art types to give it a meaning which doesn't really exist. I could have simply written in this blog, that I changed my logo to suit the needs of the times, but that would be dull and boring; This is simply proof that sometimes, it is entirely possible to write an entire article and say many things, without really saying anything.

Now where is my cheque?


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