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So, this blog was flagged the other day, for offensive or abusive content... I guess somebody doesn't like dogs - or Michael Jackson. Anyway who cares. Some loser has nothing better to do, not my problem. All I will say to you are the words of Alan Partridge; "get yourself a girlfriend". Probably some dude who adds desperate young models to Facebook, and knows every line of dialogue to the entire Star Wars series. Still...
It got me wondering what kind of blogs you could write, that would be so offensive to actually piss off the web - which is more or less the modern world; to a degree.

First of all there has to be a pro-Nazi site or two floating around - there always is. Blog updates on why hating the Jew is good, and that black people should still be slaves, and think Mexicans are Oriental, etc... With some low rent hate fulled Hitler punk song playing in the background as you read - I say read, but i doubt it is very articulate or thoughtful.. I mean, waste of time, pointless, and ignorant as shit perhaps, but a lot do seem to believe that bullshit. Stupid pawns.

On the flip side, you probably have the pro-militant various racial groups, anti-gay or female article sites, and the far right Christian lot. The latter are a real bunch of deluded dickheads. I mean, seriously; I am sorry you were bullied as a child, but move on. Then the rampant hating of the Israelite. If there is a God, I don't think hating Jews was ever a part of his plan. Why do so many people hate the Jews? I would - but Sigmund Freud, Bob Dylan, Woody Allen, Leonard Cohen, And on and on... they make for seriously smart dudes. I am sure they have their Fagin or two, but which social group doesn't? All people man, it's all a load of bollocks in the end.

Maybe a few extreme fetish or perversion blogs exist; Midgets lovers, extreme blow up costumes, rubber Worzel Gummage mask wearers, whatever. This lot are truly messed up. I find sexual perversion is born from two sources; those who have done too much, or those who have had very little. I guess both are corruptive, in their own ways. You can add really unique ones like; 'Tank Top Designs Blog" or "Shots of Dianna Troy's Boobs In Star Trek" something like this. Ones which are bloody boring and awful, yet the owner devotes a lot of time to it. But I salute them, it's different, original, and kinda passionate. But these are excellent qualities, in anyone. Even if it does leave some of then as 50-year-old Virgins.

Tributes are good. Sports teams, not my thing but very useful - when written by a guy with a brain anyway. Fashion, beauty, self help, emotions, new technology, insightful ideas, poetry, thoughts on existence - both personal and external, art, and so forth... these are all great. And what blogging should really about.

In the end, they are there. Like them or not, they exist. Truth is, much as I have no time or interest in any of them, in another light, I am absolutely for freedom of speech, in all forms. The generation below my own will learn this from the net; which no government, business, or radical revolutionary can control. When they become full men... it will, probably attest to that pearl of Confucian wisdom: 'may you live in interest times". By then I will be much older, and probably be too chilled out and seen too much to give a shit. But will still smile at those trying to smash the system... then failing; as everyone does in the end.

If anyone knows of any funky blogs site, feel free to let me know. I will thank you later, somehow. But probably not. I am now wondering if their is a tribute blog to an actual blog? Anybody?


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