Welcome All.

Good evening all who are wasting the hours of our ever decreasing lives by reading this, the very first of many write-ups I will be committing to the already crammed up world of virtual human opinion. My initial basis for this post is to create this as something of a disclaimer, and to make a firm note that all the opinions and ideas expressed within the confines of this blog, are strictly my own. That is, except for the ones which I have stolen. Which, in any case, I will simply reword in a way where the rooted structure is deemed to be considered as an outlook created entirely from my own mind, as opposed to the liberated thinker I stole it from. Who mused for many a solitary hour over the incredibly endless amount of wisdom and wonder of the organized chaos we call existence. But shit, for every successful and globally renowned Thomas Edison, there always has to be a penniless and overlooked Nicolas Tesla. Though I do know who both of them were, so maybe old Nick wasn't as naive as we may have thought. But I know who I would rather have been.


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