Moments in Perpetual Motion...

As you read this article, someone in this world bemoans a land, another declares his paradise. A woman gives birth to a brand new life, as an ageing one breathes their final breath. A family of six share two litres of water and a loaf of bread, as an obese woman gorges alone on two whole Chickens and a tub of Salt and Vinegar Pringles. A banker gambles away in seconds the equivalent of a family mortgage, another has just signed his lifetime away to pay-off. Money is lost, money is earned, money is burned, and money is created out of thin air.

A youngster jumps in ecstasy as his favourite sports team wins a major cup final, as another cries in sorrow from the same games outcome. The music of Justin Bieber is loved and cherished by a teenager, as a stranger a wall away wonders what the fuss is all about. A soul denounces God, as another finds them. A man watches an attractive woman, a woman holds a child, a child giggles at a Dog, a Dog plays with a Cat, a Cat eats some Tuna Fish, and a Tuna fish is being caught by a hard working fisherman, who had just spent five minutes watching an attractive woman.

Someone discovers running, somebody else discovers walking, a baby learns to crawl, and another learns to fall. A heroic soldier dies in the battlefield, as a cowardly politician orders more soldiers to replace him. A man criticizes the Police’s presence, as another begs for them to arrive. A couple have sex, someone masturbates, and a virginity is lost, as a pensioner remembers his last erection. Cars are driven, passengers hitch a lift, and someone in a wheelchair remembers the ability to drive a car. A teenager fails a test another passes, someone learns they have cancer, as another is given the all clear. A family leave a land for freedom, as another family arrive for solitude.

An old man watches Family Guy, as a young adult enjoys Laurel and Hardy. A couple fall in love for the first time, another part for the last. People become legally married, while others get divorced. A man declares Islam the true religion, another declares Christianity with the same power. Someone else wonders how stupid they both are, while another hardly bothers to care. Songs are played, items purchased, friends enjoy a beer in a quiet park, moments away from a house where friends fight and argue. Birds sing, Children laugh, and poor souls on dirty buses on a hot summers day wish for cold, as a frozen land dweller begs for the sunshine. 

There are marches of peace, marches of war, stories being told of hate, love, pain, fear, life, and death. One man judges, as another is judged. A shirt is torn, as another is sewn. Seeds are planted, as plants are destroyed. Someone is thinking about the billions of actions happening at any given moment, while another is simply trying to survive. A woman goes to sleep, a man awakes for the morning, and someone is taking a half-asleep piss in a darkened bathroom. A man begs for a silence another can no longer bear. Somebody remembers how life is constantly in motion, as another is in motion. Someone writes an article about existence, someone reads an article, about existence...

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