Clean Your House Naked.

"Who needs clothes?"
While beta religions, the terminally insecure, and controllers of under-nourished alien-alike Supermodels have conditioned us to believe exposed skin is shameful. None of them can argue against a fact of life, as true now as it was the day Adam popped out of God. When we arrive in this world, we are stark-bollock-naked; or stark-booby-naked, for girls. No halo, no hijab, no rabbit onesie with floppy ears; just a chubby little miracle, naked. 

With the exception of uber-fatties; whose physical abuse leaves them requiring a JCB winch just to break wind, our species has every right to take pride in its physical form. Who can argue a logical reason to regale in horror at the sight of nipples on a chest, hairs on an arse, or sexual organs vital in the process of reproduction? This irrational fear wasn’t the case in years past. Primal tribes never covered their knobs because strangers screamed on sight of them, they did so to avoid chills, and stop tigers from using them as a mid-afternoon snack - shame never entered the equation.

While wise to cover our particulars in public places; for hygiene and safety reasons, there is no such need in the security of your own home. For this reason, you are going to rekindle your relationship with an old friend; your body. I want you to get down to those domestic chores as usual, only this time, naked as the halo-less day you were born. 

Wash those windows, scrub that toilet basin, change those freshly ironed sheets, and vacuum those carpets with the bliss of abandonment; no one else is around, unless you have pets – but they couldn’t give a shit either way. I must stress to the males, pervy thoughts and vacuum cleaners are a dangerous mix; unless you want to give fire-fighters and paramedics a funny story to use, for a decade of Christmas anecdotes.

Naked cleaning will leave you feeling fresh, liberated, and most importantly, slightly more comfortable in your skin then an hour previous. Sure, it may sag, wobble, and contain hairy moles in odd places. But this is how God – or whatever God is, made you. Rejoice in your body, and improve your days by getting to know this wonderful tool again; it is so much more appealing, then you allow yourself to realise…

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