Dear Insecure Megalomanics...

"I failed as an artist, therefore I hate Jews"
Dear insecure megalomaniacs of the world. Those in positions of over-elaborate power, carrying the delusional God complex, and living day by day through the selfish haven of their self-gratifying, child-like egos; constantly whispering silently how they are the one true manifestation of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Vishnu, Mohammed, and Mahatma Gandhi, all rolled into one…

I write this letter as a member of the human race; the species you convince yourself is under your dogmatic ownership – even though you are little more than one single member of it's seven billion strong collective. You see, I have existed on this planet for thirty three years, and one of its most consistent factors - as much as it has been since two primal Homo-Sapiens fought and died over proving who sleeps in the better looking mud hut, is how you over-exposed living bond-villain wannabes continue to destroy every ounce of a community, which the majority of humanity tries so desperately hard to build; in a fair, reasonable manner.

I know it all began with the helpless feeling of infant bullying; and grew deeper on the inside, as you grew taller on the outside. Once you reached an adulthood loaded in insecurity, and seeking solace in authority, you slowly slid yourselves into a position of power using backstabbing, dirty snake-like techniques; eventually finding yourself ‘ruling’ a land which you don’t really own anyway. Eventually it becomes the norm, and manipulating life upon these lands using every positive emotion; in order to hide a desperately hateful, negative attitude to the human race, always gets you an inch closer, to not feeling like your penis is the micro-size it actually is. You continue promoting freedom just to enslave, and make zero effort to protect and preserve future generations; all the while contributing nothing to the world but separation, born from a need to self-service a frightened inner-child.

You took inspiration from all the historical goons you worshipped on your walls as a child; Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Saddam Hussein to name a few. These poor examples of men clasped elements of a beautiful world and turned it into destructive forms of chaos. And just as it was for them, this happens because you are too weak to choose forgiveness over anger; settling for the desire to gain some kind of empty revenge on a world, which you blame for a form of personal suffering, caused by a small collective of playground, or domestic bullies. Of course, like all true villains, you generally believe your actions are in some manner ‘helping’ the common man. How killing six million Jews, slaughtering 900,000 Asians, or raping the shit out of the Middle-East helps the world in any form, I shall never know. 

"Planet Earth: we don't own it"
I know it is not entirely your doing. I understand how the vast majority of the human race have been suffocated into submission by a propaganda machine; convinced they lack any form of right to a fundamentally free viewpoint, as much as I understand how societies as collectives are likely to choose a convenient lie, over an uncomfortable truth. But that doesn’t make your actions just. Unlike the masses, you are aware of the power you have to make the world a better place, but forever choose the easy option. While the artists, philosophers, humanitarians, and keepers of the true heart of humanity find the strength to try and connect an often frail species, all you do is exploit them. You are weak, every last on you; and the only aspect worse than wasting your lives on winning meaningless arguments, is wasting the incredible power you have to aid the world, on fighting these pointless battles of ego-validation.

So if you lack the courage to choose peace, then by all means, go to war; or in other words, send innocent men into battle, in order to die for a cause which isn't even their own - under the illusion of “national duty”. Watch on as your own fear, paranoia, xenophobia, and hate continue to be served on a plate to a global stomach already bloated with the bile of irrespective, hateful beings. Do this as you hold the antidote in one hand, while you crush it with the other. You are born, you live, and eventually, you shall die. And when your soul passes into the next life, all the power you attained and global points you proved – at the expense of entire generations, will be rendered meaningless. I only wonder if people of your position and disposition glance back at the end of their time on Earth, and feel genuine sadness over the sheer volume of innocent lives you ruined; or are simply too deluded to even know nor care, that you actually did.

It takes courage, strength, discipline, heart, and communication in order to build communities, and yet it only takes one gutless coward to light the match which burns it. Insecure megalomaniacs of the world; and those who endorse them to serve their own destructive purposes, grow up, get a clue, and go home; we are all so very tired of you now. Our world is far too valuable for small-minded psychopaths to ruin it. Of course, I am fully aware none of you warmongers in power will listen to a single word of this, so perhaps my letter should have simply been two short words...

Fuck off.

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  1. awesome, i have to pause to take it all in!!!!! thank you for this

  2. They all lacked a conscience.

    1. Good point anonymous, perhaps the most vital one of all.