Say Hello to an Animal

"Fancy a conversation?"
Long before men built mud huts, learned to cultivate natural implements as tools, and created the illusion of money, law, and religion as a framework of society, Homo-Sapiens lived as equals to every living creature on the planet. As time progressed with our ability to build, we became entrapped by the impression of working towards a grand master-plan that may not even exist; rendering ourselves slaves by social design and in turn, losing touch with the nature we arose from.

Animals, on the other hand, have no knowledge or interest in money, religion, or imaginary pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. A dog would choose a bone to chew on over a briefcase loaded with £50 notes, reptiles never create Governments to decide which one eats the rump of a wild boar, and budgerigars have no need to visit the post office for a passport application; in order to land on foreign soil. Their kingdoms possess a form of freedom we can only imagine. This reason – among many others, is why being around animals is an instant way to improve your days; which is the next goal I set you.

Before you shove your head through a bee hive, or jump into a Tiger den expecting to return with your legs attached to their pelvis, you would be wise to avoid creatures which pose any threat to humans. The same distance is recommended for the disease riddled; pigeons and rats, for example, are dirtier than a tramp in a central London bin on a scorching summer’s day. But squirrels, dogs, cats, rabbits, snails, spiders, horses, robins, and any of the harmless free life roaming the Earth; living as God intended, are like magical forms of happiness virtually ignored by the wider world – but not you.

Say hello to them; engage in conversation. While they cannot respond in words, many animals make for better company than some humans; no manipulation or motive, just honesty – a highly undervalued tool, but a tool of the pure, nonetheless. If speaking is not your thing, simply watch. See ants as they build a home without the need for an IKEA catalogue, or fish swimming in the sea; barely aware there is a world above them. Animals are everywhere, getting on with life in their own unique way; each one as fascinating as the last.   

Unless an animal family member already lives with you; in which case, this improvement is an extra to an already rich life, I’d even suggest visiting the zoo. Here you can meet an exotic collection of global creatures. Yes, they are held in captivity, but they are also handled by animal lovers who provide habitual environments; and otters, penguins, giraffes, and those adorable meerkats, are a guarantee to bring a smile to any face! Human beings may offer wealth, power, and elements of love, but the animal kingdom offers nothing but love. Embrace improvement, by embracing animals; Earth is as much theirs, as it is ours…

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