Two Minute Reading: Coincidence.

"Planet Earth"

The universe is an infinite, timeless space, containing an estimated 3 trillion planets. One of these planets is known as Earth, and is where all human life exists. Human life on Earth is over 3.5 billion years old; yet our lives exist for barely a century within this time frame. 

Today in 2013, during this short yet wonderful time we have; upon the lands of a planet 8,000 meters in diameter, there are almost 7 billion human beings dancing in various forms. Joining us on this journey are animals, plants, trees, wind, rain, and myriads of nature contained within one tiny microcosm of our solar system.

And yet right here, right now, through all the possibilities, chances, odds and potentials, you sit here on your mobile phone or laptop, reading this post; one of over a million newly created articles on the internet today, of a total 4.1 billion possible web-pages. Much like all the friends we have, places we go, entertainment we enjoy, and jobs we undertake, a small step in another direction, a finger clicked here, a dropped napkin there, or an extra moment in bed, and the entire construct of your life may well have been an entirely different concept… 

But it isn’t. It was never meant to be. And like all those friends you have, places you go, entertainment you enjoy, and jobs you undertake, they are with you because they are meant to be; helping or guiding one another like moving bridges, across waters often murky and uncertain. They shall offer - as much as you do to them, a knowledge which will one day be of invaluable use in either life; making perfect sense then in a way impossible now, and all part of a much larger picture of existence.

The universe is infinite; and far too vast to be built on sheer coincidence. To even the smallest detail, everything happens for a reason. And this post is to remind us all of an often forgotten knowledge, that complete control is an illusion; and how we need to let the notion go, in order to find our true hearts desire. And that even if it doesn't always make sense, there is always a meaning behind the winds of life...

Just don’t ask me the reasons why; it is up to you to figure this one out…

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