50 Things Which Make Me Just Like Everybody Else.

1.   I carry around a host of scars, no one else can see
2.   I often feel misunderstood
3.   I am not Bob Hoskins (Bob Hoskins is excluded from this one)
4.   The only answers I have, are those which help myself.
5.   When cut, I bleed
6.   I am an artist of my own expression
7.   My body has 206 bones
8.   I am smarter, funnier, and better looking than I realise
9.   I wish I were happier
10. I wish I were richer
11. I wish I were younger
12. Some days, solitude delivers clarity
13. Some days, solitude delivers insanity
14. I have never lived a day in the nineteenth century
15. I find newborn babies adorable
16. I am slower than Usain Bolt (Usain Bolt is excluded from this one)
17. I was born on a planet called Earth
18. I wouldn't drink beer if it contained no alcohol
19. I talk to myself
20. I pick my nose
21. I control impulse, but not all the time
22. I am driven by survival, then replication
23. I am aware most forms of public transport stink of Piss
24. I will sleep for at least a third of my life
25. I have committed all seven sins
26. I am 99% oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus
27. I am less famous than David Beckham
28. My then is a memory
29. My now is a moment
30. My tomorrow is a dream
31. Viewing life as negative or positive, is my choice
32. I cannot prove anything beyond this life, in this life
33. I have never visited Mars
34. I enjoy laughing
35. I am riddled with eccentric foibles
36. I downplay my abilities
37. I cannot wear a beard as cool as Jesus Christ
38. I make at least one mistake each day
39. I have never met Vincent Van Gogh
40. I have masturbated at least once
41. A man and a woman are responsible for me being here
42. There are no shape-shifting reptilians around me
43. I am not under the control of the Illuminati or New World Order
44. I am a perpetrator
45. I am a victim
46. I know more now than I did ten years ago
47. I hide my strengths, and expose them.
48. I hide my weaknesses, and expose them.
49. One day I will die
50. I am alive

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