The Paedophile Bomb.

Like many people, I suffer from a severe case of nausea, any time a story relating to rapists or child molesters passes by; it takes one extremely warped, cold hearted individual, to be able to commit either act, and I prefer to imagine they don’t exist. But exist they do.

Unlike many people, I do not believe they should face execution for their acts. The reason for this is two-fold. One, I feel death is a physical escape from the punishment of long periods in prison, they rightfully deserve. And two, I don’t believe a civilised society evolves through any forms of death by choice. Though I must admit, chopping off their weapons of pleasure is worth considering – if only just to stop them re-offending. All this being said, I do believe these sick fellas need to know just how awful it must feel, to the victims who suffer all manner of damage from their acts. So I have devised the idea of what I refer to as, “The Paedophile Bomb”. It works like this…

Each convicted criminal charged with either act, is placed in a padded cell, naked as the day they were born. A bomb (Much like the one pictured) is strapped tight around their bollocks, holding firm and covering their dignities – their physical dignity, any internal self-respect has long vanished. The overseeing warden explains the bomb strapped to them, is set to detonate at any random second within the next twenty-four hours; but the guilty man – much like the warden, will not know when, until when happens. 

All the guilty man can do is wait, alone in this padded cell. Every single second, waiting, in sheer fear, agony, and tortured by possibility and a ticking clock; knowing the bomb on his balls is going to explode any given moment – arriving in peace, leaving him in pieces. For the duration, he gets to experience the most intense, painful, shit scary fear he has ever felt – maybe, as a zillion thoughts run through his mind, even beginning to understand exactly what the life he fucked up may have felt like during his deed. This is a maybe, for he could be too dumb or deluded to realize; or even see himself as the victim, as these arseholes often do. 

After the twenty four hours have passed, he remains in one piece. The bomb hasn’t gone off… It was never intended to. It was designed to induce fear - real fear, the kind that makes you literally shit yourself. After this, said scumbag is placed in his prison cell, and left to serve due time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure (does the Queen actually sit at home, feeling happy one in every hundred thousand people are in prison?) He likely won’t ever change who he is, but a few urban myth seeds planted deep in the criminal underworld - about how the bomb explodes second time around, and he may think twice; next time he considers screwing up some poor innocent life.  

The unfortunate reality, is rapists and child molesters will always exist; hidden in plain sight as the bowels of society. However, many societies will act different to them, according to the accepted truths of each civilisation, and one day bombs like these may be created; only ones intended to work. The idea of prison doesn’t please everyone, but I really don’t know what else can be done, with a subsection of the world who are perhaps terminally incurable. Maybe chopping off the old gonads, wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all...


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