Twenty Pieces of Good Advice; (I Wish I knew a Decade Ago)

Ten years ago, I was twenty-one years of age. Innocent, fresh faced - a little jaded even, but - as I am now, a good soul loaded in wayward ambition while lost in crappy advice. So for all the young-adults of today, here is a short set of ideas to guide your future ambitions. Of course, just like I would have done in 2002, feel free to ignore them all, then, a decade from now, look back and say "Shit, I wish I knew these a decade ago"...

1. Men are not immortal.
2. Women are not always innocent.
3. There are a thousand colours between black and white.
4. Education is vital.
5. The human heart knows love is the simplest thing on Earth.
6. The human brain makes love the most complex thing on Earth.
7. Uri Gellar is a conman who cannot bend spoons.
8. Not all liberals are actually liberal.
9. Judgemental people are unhappy.
10. God exists; we just don't really understand how or why they do.
11. Everyone else's opinion of me, is merely a reflection of their own reality.
12. My opinion of everyone else, is merely a reflection of my own reality.
13. Never trust anyone who says "trust me".
14. The drugs don't work.
15. There is always someone out there worse off then you are.
16. You can only hate someone, if a part of you loves them too.
17. A friend who desires to burn a bridge you build, is not a friend at all.
18. Success and failure are relative.
19. It is okay to make mistakes. It is not okay to blame others for them.
20. Trust instinct, question intellect.


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