Master Of Puppets.

"Duh, can you give us our next opinion please?"
So I study the world, and ask myself the same question I have asked myself for as long as I consciously remember what thinking actually was; give or take periods of being so stoned out of my head - to the point I didn't give a shit. Why on a planet where trillions of Euros, Pounds, Dollars, and all other forms of currency belonging to the global elite float around - and where there are enough resources to feed, clothe, and house the entire population many times over, are two-thirds of the human population living lives in which, from the get go, they are royally fucked? 

I mean seriously, you got almost a billion kids wasting away in Africa, Asia, and South America, walking five miles every morning to provide disease riddled water for their starving families; thus rendering them able to maybe survive to the age of four. Whilst at the same time, spoilt little Westerners are being dressed in Armani suits, while driven in limousines to private schools; just so they can piss and moan at their sixteenth birthday party, that the Lamborghini their parents gift wrapped them wasn’t as white as her best friends. While many live in the middle of this, we are told this kind of life is the classic "American Dream."; my dreams usually involve lost shoes - not whining teenagers.

Throughout time, my attitude to this question has evolved in this order; curious, angry, frustrated, apathetic, amused, bemused. And today; assured I now know the answer to this question, I find myself having to accept a reality, which I have been trying to delude myself isn’t true for most of my life... discarding around 10% of the population - human beings, are morons.

You see, it’s not that I don’t like people – I love people. It just grows harder to pretend the majority are not wasting their lives swimming in their own stupidity. Think about it; what other animal celebrates Television shows exposing deep psychological flaws, in those whose menial job education level is no longer needed - just so corporate media whores can charge more for the advertising space in-between these talking Troglodytes? What other species manages to create century old forms of separation, based purely on the colour of their skin tone? You never see ginger Cats ganging up on Tabby’s? What other group blindly mass follow armies of amoral bullshitters, hoodwinking us into believing their ideals are unquestionable – just so we can lift their pathetic, power-mongering ego trips, another rung up a make believe ladder?  Religious leaders, politicians, businessmen, celebrities; I am starting to wonder if smoke and mirrors were invented purely for the sake of these delusional puppets. 

If we truly desired to do so, poverty and aggression could be fixed in a heartbeat. The billions of dollars wasted on wars and propaganda could be shifted to the third world. Religions could accept we discover who is right when we die anyway; and stop trying to validate their own doubts, by trying to force conditioned personal beliefs upon us. And as opposed to seeking dominance over our fellow man, seek it over ourselves and only ourselves; which I think is the ultimate point, isn't it? Eventually we could become a richer more fruitful society, and spend our time trying to figure out what lies beneath space and time; instead of fighting and arguing over pointless shit, like who God is alligned to; God is aligned to everybody, morons. 

The low-intellect masses are going to think and feel about the world, as those in control tell them to. So if the mass-percentages decide to make their neurons consider connection, love, respect and understanding of nature and one another, well - it can only be a darn sight better than the results of the regressive outlook the human race have carried for the past six thousand years - in their intriclately designed form of imprisonment, designed as civilisation.
But this will probably never happen, sadly. And with that statement, lies my answer. Humanity is unfair because it is run by varying subsections of idiot mega-lo-maniacs; who control lesser idiots through passive intimidation, keeping us afraid and hateful of one another. Individual thought is promoted by the powerful, as an act of threat to the peaceful existence given to the masses – which I guess it is, they just neglect to mention we may actually be a happier and fairer society for it. Extreme levels of power are only attained by the deeply insecure, who are trying to fix these issues by any means necessary. The rare few who desire good and end up in this place; Ghandi, Mandela, Lennon, etc… Usually end up either dead, in prison; or both.

Bemusement has evolved; it is now ridiculous. But I still love human beings - because I am one too; so it’s all good.


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