Nice Guys (And Girls) Finish First.

Nice guys finish last. Unfortunately, so do nice girls. It is a simple philosophy for the genuine; they motion through the days as merely themselves - heart firmly written along the lines of their honest eyes. There are no manipulative jokers hidden within their sleeves. No ulterior motives sandwiched behind the lines of their words. And in general, no action designed to destroy another; in order to move their game piece a pointless inch forward. Nice people offer compassion, time, and a belief that those they are honest to, will in some way offer honesty in return. This, is why nice guys – and girls, unfortunately, finish last.

The general perception towards the nice is one of a kind, naive weakness. They are those who wander around searching for acceptance, trying to be liked, wishing to enter doors of a screwed up system of civilisation - designed by liars and game players, purely for being their true selves. A nice person is not as much nice, as they are real; strong enough to not need to create a fake impression of themselves, in order to fit in. Yes, the world does not reward this - even though it should. Nice people never created racism, money, political structures, notions of dominance or subservience. A nice guy didn’t shoot Abe Lincoln, spilt the atom, or nuke Japan.

It is a rough world - we all know this. It is often brutal, unrelenting, cruel, mean, nasty, and downright evil at the hardest of times. During these rough patches, the last type we wish to meet, are those solely out for themselves. Conversely, meeting a nice person whilst in hell, is invigorating and rejuvenates the spirit. Usually, when we are brought to this place when humanity shits on us - as opposed to a pissed off form of nature, it is never a nice person who sends us there; the good will always pick up the pieces, the rest wont even stop to take a look - unless to benefit some twisted impulse to view a car crash. of sorts.  

So I am saluting the nice guy and girl. Those who – no matter how many weak minded and cold hearted users, abusers, or manipulators arrive to crush the paths these kind souls walk along – for their own pathetic insecurities, still arise each new day, and give their all to the life they live. I salute the woman who offers her seat, the soldier who listens to each selfish bastard piss and moan about their failures, whilst never once asking a reciprocal question. The man who clears his table in a coffee shop, or re-racks his weights at the gym. I salute the blood donor, the animal lover, the Samaritan, the saint, and the straightforward. You are the real shimmering light of the often misunderstood human spirit; shining through the walls of even the darkest nights. The world may punish you, as much as it probably should reward you, but to retain such positive warmth throughout life towards an often incredulous species, is truly incredible.

In turn, I also raise a fat middle finger to all the users, abusers, manipulators, and dirty underhanded game players, who seek to destroy the true marvel of human nature. Human nature is not riddled with negative actions and devious ploys as much as we have been forced to accept, it is just those few lazy scum-bags who turned the perception of life on its head to convince us otherwise. The truth is, you people are the weak. You are the cowards of this planet. You are the ones who lack the heart to carry openness to life. In essence, you are the kid who turned up to a blissful game of football, and ruined it by planting seeds of shit amongst a once peaceful opposition; then justifying it with delusional self-absorption - basically shitting on a bright day. Nice people may finish last, but they aways retain their integrity; wankers, on the other hand, sell it in a job lot with most other positive characteristics they don't work hard enough to deserve. 

Nice guys – and girls, unfortunately, finish last. In my world… they are Grade A winners. Everyone else? I tolerate you… nothing more, nothing less.