The Olympic Files: Day Ten.

"Sorry, no more tickets are available."
After ten days, and countless hours of soul destroying attempts to purchase tickets to see the Olympic Games in my home city; whether it be Athletics, Horsey riding, or any of the other 34 possible choices. I have finally accepted it is just not going to happen. In the words of all good quitters, whose broken spirits can no longer take the pain; congratulations LOCOG ticketing website, you win... I give up.

This is where I usually write an interesting paragraph, with a few silly bursts of humour thrown in for giggles. But I don't have any right now. All I wanted was to buy a couple of tickets for my own pleasure, and to show my girlfriend how magical an Olympic event feels - or at least, how I imagine it to.

I still love the Games, but as someone who has followed the past six events with the feverish passion of a little kid, as much as I could, anyway. And regardless of British medal success ratio or time difference, I feel a little cheated. I guess it is my fault for not ordering a few sets before the Games began; I expected a simple system of turning up to venues, buying tickets, then plonking me arse on a seat for a few hours and watch the greats do what they do best - I guess it is true what they say about assumption.

Oh well. I wont let it ruin what has been a fantastic Olympics. Beyond the ticket fiasco, London and Great Britain have made a fantastic job of 2012 - and the atmosphere on this Island has been lifted tenfold these past ten days; something we all deserve, especially after the summer we had to endure in 2011. Goodbye Olympic dreams, I guess I will have to settle for the commonwealth Games of Glasgow, in 2014. Nah, screw that... maybe I will go watch the Marathon on Sunday instead.

Until the next time...


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