Twenty Random Things I Have Done.

They say life is meant to be a celebration, as opposed to a ritual. I am still learning this as maturity grows upon me, with the firm hand of nature. Nonetheless, I feel an odd need to list a bunch of pointless yet interesting acts I have completed in my time so far. They all make me smile, in their own unique way - and at the time seemed perfectly rational...

1. Spent a bitter January night, sleeping in a Church.
2. Fallen through a garage roof onto concrete floor.
3. Ran a half-marathon on a treadmill.
4. Trimmed a hedge standing on a yellow council bin.
5. Filmed a wedding drunk.
6. Broken my leg jumping down a snake shaped slide.
7. Worked a shift wearing a name badge titled "Osama Bin-Laden".
8. Mastered the Rubik's Clock.
9. Shaved my entire body.
10. Given a homeless man a Subway.
11. Stolen a pair of underpants from Debenhams.
12. Ran into the pouring rain in front of a busy Starbucks.
13. Been two footed tackled by a midget.
14. Travelled to Alton Towers in the rear end of a small transit van.
15. Sawed a three-piece sofa set into many pieces, in order to fit in a skip.
16. Played a heavyweight boxer in a school play.
17. Cleaned my house naked.
18. Pitched a screenplay to 400 people.
19. Dyed my hair purple.
20. Complied a list of 20 random things I have done.

Feel free to consider your own list. You may be surprised...


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