Naked Old Women At The Gym.

Dear perverts; those who have found this link through a random google search, using elements of this article's title. I know you are there - behind your shady looking screen in a darkened room, expecting to see links to a host of movies and images of grannies exposed in some randy capacity. But sorry, you are all out luck. However, before you wander off to the next port of perverted pleasure seeking, I ask you to drop those slightly sweaty tissues, lift the trousers from around your ankles, lower that duvet shaped like a tent, and take a second to note how you have just aided me in a personal, social experiment.

You see, my name is Lee Gunnell. I am a writer, and I work very hard at my craft. I have posted a total of 132 articles on this website since Early 2011; a mixture of poetry, random musings, thoughts about varying elements of life - and even an imaginary children's story. In my account, I am able to privately view how often each separate post is clicked on through searches on google. And while I would love to express how the most read are the stories in my back-catalogue about how we miss miracles, the value of a glass of water, life as a game of chess, or the hidden beauty of a woman very close to me, the reality is the most read blog - no thanks to you dirty buggers, and which carries twice as many readers as any other, is this...

I initially chose a career in writing, as I desired to emulate echoes of Shakespeare, Freud, Einstein, Orwell, and a whole host of deep thinking, anthropological types - even if for only a fleeting moment. I know doing so would help me understand for certain - that deep down, the human race all seek answers to the deeper questions within the universal theme of existence. And yet the most popular post I have, is nothing more than a short afterthought, about an old man at my gym - in his birthday suit, drying his nut-sack with a hair-dryer. In making this such a popular piece of work, you have begun to make me believe that ardent philosophy, will never override the suppressed perversions of you web hounds. I guess this is a good thing; having sex produces babies - talking about why reproduction happens in the first place, does not... but you are still a little warped for wanting to look at photos of naked old men.

So to my loyal readers, and those who arrive here using more well meaning searches, forgive this piece; for it is nothing more than a social experiment to discover how many perverts use this title as a google search; exposing how tragic, yet funny, the underbelly of humanity truly is. As an aid to you other one armed keyboard jockeys randomly arriving here, I write the following terms to bolster the chances of being found. So if you arrived here searching these terms, don't expect to be sated; boobs, cocks, large penis, Lady Gaga, latent homosexuals, transsexuals, ladyboys, midgets, anthropomorphic threesomes, Gilf, Milf, naked mature, lesbians, and hardcore porn. There, I believe this is an adequate list of searches for the hairy hand brigade.

Oh and the picture is of Sofia Loren; because she is an old woman who looks like she still goes to the gym; I don't know if those who enjoy seeing naked old women have standards or not - if they even exist in this category. Thanks perverts, I am grateful you managed to come to the end - I couldn't resist that one...


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