Trolling Trolling Trolling!

"TROLLFACE" Circa 2008.
The appearance of a successful Troll.
Behind the anonymity of this screen, I can write anything I desire. Doesn’t matter if it is an account of discounting religion, hate fuelled pile of racist drivel, collection of apocalyptic doomsday prophecies, or an article defending the bizarre warbling of failed Beach Boys wannabe and perennial loser, Charles Manson. This cold hard reality is a fact of the internet as we currently know it; the most powerful tool of global free speech, man has ever known along his short journey upon Earth. 

While I would personally neither write nor agree with any of these viewpoints, I remain an advocate for free speech – and even though I believe the world-wide-web will eventually become a passive tool of draconian governmental control; simply because deep down, the vast majority of humanity prefers to have their thinking - therefore belief systems, invented by others. As of 2012, the web stands alone as a virtual wild-west; where there are no rules, no sheriffs, and no Smith and Wesson stand-offs. There is, however, the Good; charities, communication forums, helpful guides, etc. The Bad; political propaganda, pro-fascist groups, gaming sites, midget porn (Who watches that?) and the like. And, my topic for this blog - the ugly; known in layman's terms, as the Internet Troll. 

The description of a troll is ubiquitous; male, under the age of 35 (though some severe emotionally repressed cases, reach 50), lives in his mums basement, never feels sunlight, and has never seen a naked woman. He is unpopular with girls, gets beat up at school regularly, and carries a delusional superiority of his intellect within the comfort of his own mind. Between bouts of World Of Warcraft marathons, and masturbating to Megan Fox images or Brazzers latest offering, he invests the dwindling nocturnal moments of his waking hours scouring the internet; in search of a naive sitting duck, unaware of the world of trolling - in order to force his carefully considered attack. 

His source of critiques have no limit; awareness pages for cancer victims, tribute sites of murdered children, paedophilia and rape help campaigns, media stories of families killed in fires – he is truly rotten in the meticulous nature of execution, and will leave no sordid stone unturned, in trying to gauge a reaction. He anonymously creates a series of hateful, twisted posts of extreme antagonism, in search of an emotional reaction to his blind attack - which he usually receives. In seeking the reaction he attains, it affords him a minimal level of power, and with the growing worlds of Twitter and Facebook at his disposal, he is now able to fire his bullets in many directions; gaining tremendous pleasure in doing so.

The troll is not an anarchist, for they carry zero believe in smashing any system. They are not rebels, for anonymity defeats their subversive purpose. They are neither revolutionaries nor trend setters, for their acts carry no weight. They are simply sad, lonely individuals, desperate to be noticed - even through negative refraction. While I feel pity on our worlds internet troll, I am glad they exist. For they remind me of two important facts which keep humanity progressively rolling along. One; the twisted underbelly of human nature, will always remain alive - rendering the often ignored impurity of our species in tact, stopping us from turning into soulless robots. And two; even though it is a beautiful feeling to know we are free to say anything we wish at any time, they are proof how it doesn’t necessarily mean we should. In the words of Spiderman's Dad; with great power, comes great responsibility.

So I salute you, you unkempt, lazy, web-dwelling trolls - for you keep the Machiavellian spirit well and truly alive; even if you are all sick puppies. Now switch off those laptops, get out them basements, see a little sunshine, and talk to a female once in a while...


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