The Simplicity Of Genius.

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see"
Arthur Schopenhauer.

I have always maintained interest in the notion of defining what makes someone a 'Genius'; defined in my view as the understanding of understanding a deeper construction of any or all elements within the limitless confines of the human universe; we still remain somewhat infantile in our wisdom - much like ants trying to understand human life, I guess. Of course, this term genius is purely subjective, and anybody could argue a case of any solitary individual to be one; perhaps they are. But for the purposes of this article, my main focus are on those who carry a universal recognition, as one of the few placed into the historical chapters as exclusive members of this rarest of breeds.

A genius seems to be placed in one of two categories; the first is the super-intelligent thinker. This is someone who possesses ideas, theories, or even works of artistic merriment which stretch way beyond the basic standards of human design. Initiators of broad topics which affect aspects of all humanity, and set a course of progression in learning, to carry through for the ages ahead. Painter Vincent Van Gogh, polymath Leonardo Da-Vinci, and professor Stephen Hawkins, as standardised examples.

The second form of genius is the lesser kind; that of the artist who operates in their specific field in a somewhat obtuse manner, yet to the effect of great success, always able to hit almost effortless heights - and, as a barometer of all genius, are both irreplaceable and unrepeatable. Examples include Snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan, Chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer, and in my view, comedian Harry Hill; making the entire spectrum of human life - from little babies to old grannies laugh out loud, all the while without offending anybody, is a task much more difficult than at first appears.

The man I want to focus this article on however, belongs to both sections; his name itself synonymous with the term; the 20th century German born Physicist, Albert Einstein. Einstein is considered a genius due to his theories on relativity, endless papers on quantum theory and physics, and ability to configure scientific process in ways previously unimaginable, which, are a major part of his skills. But for me, Einstein genius lay not in his mass storage of information, ability to structure concept, or even express these ideas with poetic articulation, it resided in his ability to attain such an abundance of information in the mind, yet live with a pure, almost childlike innocence of the heart; seeing and feeling the joy and wonder, as if he were still a seven year old boy.

There is a certain ignorance in arrogance from intellect; a feeling of knowing more than others, whilst carrying a deluded superiority from the idea of formulating a multitude of ideas in quick succession. Intelligent people are often guilty of conceit, and suffer in both their social and personal lives for this outlook; which in itself lacks foresight from the corruptive power it carries. Einstein was a genuine man who knew he was a normal human being, merely aware of his God given talents in thought cognition. His mental development was wonderful, but his emotional levels of empathy, and love of the simple pleasure of humanity set him aside from the majority of genius. And in general, he is one of the few who isn't considered somewhat crazy; in itself a rare achievement alone.

There are many examples of men and women who can be labelled a genius. And in the coming 21st and 22nd centuries; as technology and the human brain evolve through repeated stimulation of thought, and an unstoppable global ability to communicate openly and freely through the world-wide-web, much like the human body evolved through the process of hunting and building civilizations, we are likely to see an abundance in the growth of genius. But I guess what I am saying is this; a true genius is as simple as they are complex, and the unseen target isn't the knowledge of an educated adult, it is the wisdom of an innocent child. And without the ability to understand this basic of philosophies, there will never be another like Albert Einstein.


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