Fictional screenplays - my favourite form of writing. Before I began the foray into creating overtly psychological works of non-fiction, I was a writer of fiction, and have as of this date (November 2011) completed a couple of screenplays which - while certainly not the next Citizen Kane or Dawn Of The Dead, I remain proud of. Every now and again I come across an idea which either incubates in my mind over a period of time, or vanishes as a stupid afterthought. Yesterday, whilst waiting for the Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller comedy Tower Heist to being at the cinema (An enjoyable piece of work), I came across a screenplay plot I would like to indulge you all in.

I recently caught a glimpse of 'Siri', the artificially intelligent mechanism of the iPhone 4s; which attains an ability to guide its owner with personal, daily advice; what to do, where to roam for the day ahead, as examples. Maybe I am just getting older, but seeing it leaves me slightly unnerved; humans guided by talking technology? Does anyone really need a phone to tell them when to eat? How long before they decide when we take a piss? Or have sex? Guess it is a good thing they never named it HAL9000.

So I present my script idea - Child's Play meets 2001: A Space Odyssey: PsychoPhone...
Chris Smith - an everyday, nondescript, principled accounts manager, is offered the latest, never before seen iMobile 8; the latest in interactive mobile technological progression. However, during pre-production, the phone is infiltrated by a self-aware demon, which slowly encourages Chris to engage in theft, infidelity, and drug abuse - in return for the riches and rewards he so desperately has always dreamed of.

As Chris begins to lose himself - through the devastating corruption of power, and the phones manipulation, he is pushed toward the idea of owning the entire company, by murdering his amiable yet dim boss Mister Whitlock - the only person who believes Chris carries a possessed mobile. Eventually, he is torn between destroying the phone and regaining his life, or allowing its destructive powers to eat him alive. Due to my love of happy endings, he eventually crushes the phone like the Terminator; unintentionally leaving a solitary microchip in tact, which ends up in the hands of a low-rated co-character - leaving an ambiguous open ending, as well as the possibility for a whole host of lesser, Police Academy-esque sequels.

I am brainstorming, but at this moment I love this idea - even though it is an unashamed rip-off of many other previously successful movies. However, come tomorrow - as with many other ideas which have resided in my head over the years, I may conclude it is stupid, puerile, and has no legs to work as any form of movie; be it a satirical pastiche, violent horror, or social topic on the powers man affords technology. Either way, it cannot be any worse than Son Of The Mask...


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