The House Of Cards.

The King of secrets stands alone, resolute and well
The Queen of finding out his plans has found she cannot tell
The Ace of reason views no need to formulate a plan
The Jack of doubt lies in no doubt he'll never understand
The Ten of wonder wonders why the higher powers fight
The Nine of wisdom barely moves immersed in silent light
The Eight of passion binds them all his energies unbound
The Seven of misfortune is just hoping she'll be found

The Six of anger screams aloud distracting all ambition
The Five of thought considers how to dissipate derision
The Four of free eternity is ignorant and blind
The Three of forward planning motions back within his mind

The Two of hope's unsteadiness makes memories refrain
The nameless apparition has destroyed the secret game
The House of cards now fallen down defecting to the rule
The Joker smiles the deck he made was built upon a fool


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